Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Problem with Sleeping

In most cases, there's this five second or so span of time as soon as I wake up where I ask myself "Do I work tonight?", then am either relieved if the answer is no, because I don't have to feel bad about going back to sleep for a little bit longer, but if the answer is yes, possibly dragging myself out of bed and downstairs to get cereal so I don't spend the entire afternoon in bed. Today is of the latter sort, but the couple good things it has going for it are that Brandon works until 1am tonight, and it's also August which seems special somehow. Possibly because it's been close to a month since I've been able to get a decent sleep without my large fan on, yet I was able to just earlier. It's also quite windy today, and there's a chance of it raining later as well, but I'm not holding my breath for that.

As for work tonight, I made up the hand washing sheet for today on my own last night, so I know we have Eryn 'till midnight, Brandon until 1am, then Steve, George and I closing. At least they're giving us more late-night staff lately, but I also can't help wondering if the level of busyness will follow the same pattern as the weather; peaking in July, then slowly trailing off from there. We'll see, and I also found our next promotion displays last night, which are two sheets that go in the dining room windows advertising five tacos for $3.99 again. Nothing we haven't had before, and unless I'm mistaken that means we'll also finally be rid of the box meals, but the one we're selling right now doesn't officially end until September 27th either, so maybe they plan to have two promotions going at once...

I do have tomorrow off, thankfully, and originally I was planning, as a result of that, to go to the other 7-11 for a Drumstick tonight, but I think I might just not. That is, if I can find something to eat or make here, but I've had a side of pepperjack sauce in the kitchen for about a week now that I can still make a grilled cheese with, so if nothing else I'll do that. Plus it'd be a nice way to say "Hey, I ate week-old sauce and didn't feel any worse for it", when the bottles at work expire 24 hours after they're prepped. Then later on next week, we're going to get our hair cut as previously mentioned, and I might just ask to go to Macs instead of Tim Hortons for something to eat on the way home, and buy some type of ice cream there.

Going back to the work topic for a moment, Melissa is just... well, fun, I suppose you would say now. The initial mumblings when it was learned that she would be our new GM but before her first shift made it sound like she meant business, and if you were out of line in anything you were doing, you'd be sorry for it. I will concede that a couple things have changed, but they mostly involve certain stuff done at night being pushed back a couple hours, but overall, things are about the same as when Earl still worked there.

I distinctly remember being told that she was the type of manager who would fire you on the spot given the right circumstances, but Manoah also said on Thursday night that she told him he could fire anybody on the spot as well. The example given was if he saw somebody drinking one of the energy drinks, and yeah, that's supposed to be the punishment for doing that, but at the same time, shouldn't the shift managers' responsibility be to send the employee home and tell them to come back on such and such a date to talk to Melissa? Her excuse is that she apparently doesn't like firing anybody, but that's generally the whole reason you try to keep an air of professionalism going while you're at work.

Also, non-work related, but I've been thinking. A couple weeks ago, I still expected to be in London one week from today, but since that's not happening, I'm considering other things to do and have a small list of places to go, so I'll still keep myself entertained. After that though, well, I'm just going to be honest and say it feels like the meets in London are going a different direction from the way they were the first few times I went. If I were to go again, I'd mainly be doing so to hopefully relive fun times had in the past - going out to McDonalds after midnight one time, then ordering out for pizza another. Spontaneity like that is fun.

I figure in lieu of that though, and because trying to coordinate dates with somebody else only adds one more item to the list of potential problems, booking a room at a (h/m)otel for three or four days would be fun <3 The way I've been thinking recently, I have these four days off coming up next weekend, and I'm looking forward to those just for not having to work and being able to do other things I've wanted to for a while now, so I probably will make it a point to book off the same sort of stretch two or three or times in the coming year (once every three or four months, ideally), but at the same time, just getting out of here completely at least once a year.

It's certainly more than just an idea, but at the same time an expensive one (preliminary checks show about $400 for a three-night stay at a couple hotels I can actually remember the names of), so I'm definitely going to keep that in mind ^^

It is 5:30 now, however, which means I need to see about supper, then probably play more Starforce 3. I was playing KopbanPSP before I went to bed and making good progress on it, but I'm now stuck at a level where there's one too few barrels ;_; I have a picture of that for next time though, as well as one other annoyance with Firefox's I-beam in text entry areas that I'm going to have to figure out how to fix eventually~

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