Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Word of Warning

Never ever, ever pick up a CD you find on the side of the road wondering if anything's on it, and if you should happen to anyways, don't put it in your computer, realize it's a music CD and that you like the songs, then decide to rip it. I did that very thing on Friday night, and it's now early Monday morning, with the program still going strong. One good thing about it is said program, despite a few initial error prompts which I answered "Ignore" to, has kept on soldiering through each and every track without so much as a peep. There are a couple very large downsides to that, one of which being it takes the better part of a half hour for the track progress to increase by so much as one percent, then also, even after those tracks are "successfully" ripped, they'll be only a minute or so long, and dotted with gaps where the CD was really and truly unreadable. It's also sort of weird, because from track 14 on (there are twenty in total), I've seen the percentage get to 24 at highest, then it would skip to the next song for some reason. Oh, and another problem is the shifting around of the laser in the CD drive getting on my nerves. I'm at least slightly irritable for other reasons, sure, but that only adds to it.

One such problem, and the only one directly related to the above, is that I went to Staples and bought a 1TB external drive today. After all, I mentioned a while back that I would need to buy another one eventually, and that particular drive seemed like the best choice considering both price and capacity. As of just earlier this evening, it now has all my TV shows and movies on it. The drive that used to hold those files is now being used to store random pictures, installers for programs and other such files that I'll need if and when I reinstall Windows again, and other such things. The drive that used to hold those is, well, it's hooked up to this laptop right now, because I was looking for a way to remove the "CD PART" partition from it and therefore be able to use that extra 128MB for storage as well, but apparently that separate partition is implemented in the drive's firmware, and while a tool to compensate for that problem was leaked, it won't run for me. I may simply be due for a reboot (going on 4 days now), but I cannot do that until this CD has finished being ripped, and I'm not going to copy those Archie comics to that drive either, just in case something goes wrong with removing the unwanted partition.

As for other problems, this one might not really be considered such, but I played Starforce 3 for at least four hours tonight, and I did make alot of progress in it, but seeing the same general thing for an extended period of time like that leaves me with a dull headache, and that combined with those two other things is more annoying than anything.

Not trying to end this on a negative note either, because it's been a fun enough night. Just... monotonous, if anything. It's also 6:30 now, so as per usual I'm off to bed, and hopefully by this time tomorrow those problems will all be taken care of~

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