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Writer's Block Scares Me

Not that I could come up with any better questions (at least off the top of my head), but there's something... wrong with this one. It could be made accessible to a much wider range of users simply by saying "Imagine you own a baseball team, and are going up against this other team that's really good. Who do you hire to give you an added edge?" Such is specificity and reasoning that everybody else has at least a small amount of interest in [x] as long as you do, but meh.

So, the main thing for now. Yesterday afternoon, I was just laying here playing Black Ace and not doing very much else, so I decided to reinstall XP. After transferring the program for my external hard drive to the other laptop, I was able to delete the unwanted partition and thus have one contiguous 120GB volume, but upon connecting it to this laptop again, was confronted with an error message. As it turns out, I found directions online a little while ago that listed folders and files in /WINDOWS that you could delete to free some space, and one of the items on the list was a folder of device drivers. So I couldn't get it working, and since it was only ~3:30 at the time, figured I should be able to get things up and running as they were before by 7:00.

That ended up being mostly true, but the one thing that wouldn't work was QTAddressBar. Apparently installing before Windows Updates has downloaded all the .NET framework releases and service packs is a bad idea, so while it was installed, I could not enable it. As a result, guess what I did when I got home from work? That's right. Reinstalled XP again <3 Now everything is pretty much back to the way it was before, although the desktop looks significantly more barren, but yeah. Not fun after a certain point, but everything should be good again, and the only files I deleted this time were those in "srchasst". They enable the "new" style search, with the dog or other animated characters, and deleting them causes XP to fall back on what I presume is the search utility from Windows 2000, which feels alot more responsive.

As for Starforce 3, I was most recently tasked with investigating Noise Waves in several areas of the game so I'll probably get back to that later tonight, but in general, it feels like the beginning of the end. Joker (and King, but he'll either be the final boss or be found somewhere very close to it) is the only undefeated member of Dealer now (well, there's Heartless too, but her character hasn't been developed enough for her to sensibly confront Megaman at any point), so there might be one more mission with him as the boss, but that will be revealed before too long. I did realize last night though where the names from the games came. Either "Black Ace" or "Red Joker", and I'm playing through Black Ace right now, where one of the main characters is named Ace. There's also a guy called Joker, but he's one of the "bad guys". I wouldn't think it too unreasonable to play through Red Joker now, and find Ace as the bad guy instead, but that will be revealed in time too, because I do plan on playing that one as well, if only to notice the differences between the two games.

I should be going downstairs to do dishes soon though, and after that, if it rains tonight I might go out to Tim Hortons and see if they have any blueberry donuts again, but otherwise, one more night off, and I've already taken care of what I was going to do with it, so now I can (mostly) have fun~

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