Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Reunited, at Long Last

Without spoiling anything, three (maybe two) games later, and the Stelar family is finally reunited ^^ Not that it's a big family, seeing as it only consists of Hope, Kelvin, and Geo (possibly Omega too), but the very idea of your father being lost in space and doing everything possible to get him back is an extremely good reason to be happy when that finally happens. Then again, perhaps I shouldn't have been as happy as I was either, but that comes mostly from really getting into the game ^^; The end of the game (before you're asked if you want to save and it resets) can be seen here, and if it wasn't almost 6 in the morning again I'd be well into the extra areas already. The way the Hertz (if that's what it was) at the beginning of the 4th Noise Wave talks about a "Brother from this planet" makes it sound like it's referring to either Geo or Solo, but if that's the case, who's on the other side of the Brother Band? Ace and Solo (if he isn't who the Hertz was looking for) come to mind right now, but that definitely gives me something to do this weekend, so I'm quite looking forward to that <3

I'm also going to have to, in the next day or so, find and download ROMs for all the GBA Megaman Battle Network games, simply for the trend attached to beating a game that I enjoyed - I want more. Before this, there was PoPoLoCrois, and unfortunately there isn't a sequel to that game (at least not in English), so I made do with converting the movies and buying those guides. As for Starforce / Battle Network, there are many to be played. Megaman Battle Network 1, 2, 3 (Red, Blue, and White versions), 4 (both Red Sun and Blue Moon), 5 (Team Colonel and Team Protoman), and 6 (Cybeast Falzar and Cybeast Gregar). Technically Battle Network 4.5 comes between 4 and 5 (obviously), but it's not the same style of game, and hasn't been released in English.

Then for Starforce, there's the first one, for which Pegasus, Leo, and Dragon versions are available, then the second split into Zerker×Ninja and Zerker×Saurian flavors, then finally the third, available as Black Ace and Red Joker. Far too many games even think about playing through in a reasonable span of time, but I've barely used my EZ-Flash since I bought it, so it might as well be put to some use, then I think I already have the DS ROMs on my microSD card.

Stuff about that game will be all for now though, simply so I can get a better sleep tonight (was up 'till about 8 yesterday morning reinstalling programs and fiddling with other things). I do have to put the reload button back in Firefox's toolbar first, but that's an easy fix~

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