Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Am I Just Overreacting?

This has, in short, not been a good night. Work was okay, and Mary and I combined forces to give Manoah quite a hard time throughout the close (mostly rearranging the money in his till then messing up other things in drive through), but upon coming home, well... let's just say if there was a route I could've taken that wouldn't see me back at home until ~5am, I should've walked along it. Less annoying, but somebody else out walking across the street from me by the police station yelled out "Adam!", and I didn't know if she had mistaken me for him, or was yelling on her phone / to somebody else, but I just kept walking. There were also three guys hanging out across from Harveys on the other side of the street as well, and they didn't say anything as I walked by, but I do not like walking through random groups like that so late at night, just in case they should stop me for potentially bad reasons.

Actually walking up to and in the house, however, was the bad part. For one thing, I noticed the dining room lights were on as I was walking up. Not too unusual, because some nights Adam's still up doing stuff on the computer, and keeps the light on. Meh. Then I noticed the same was true of the living room light(s). Then I walked up the steps and unlocked the door, only to immediately have Sara(h) and her boyfriend walk out. Apparently it was her birthday today, and that's fine and all, but for the love of all that is holy, celebrate at your own home. Then the drinking as well. Not to be a cynic or anything, and Naomi certainly did put up enough fuss on her birthday before last about not being able to buy some alcoholic drink at Boston Pizza because she didn't have her ID, but I do not want to walk into the house where I live and see people I don't even know with bottles in their hands staring at me like everything's alright, then also to walk into the kitchen and open the fridge for something to eat, and see at least twenty bottles of what I'm uncertain about but can only presume were beer.

This would never have been allowed before, so what the hell changed? It's not even Naomi's birthday for God's sake! I'm also angry because one of the things I like to do is come home to a quiet house after work and be able to relax. I did go straight up to my room after seeing I wouldn't be finding anything to eat aside from a couple cookies, so suffice it to say, I've eaten all of those and two bowls of Shreddies today. Fantastic. What's more (and this is really just splitting hairs, but bear with me), there was a note on the cupboard in the kitchen from Mom, telling Naomi to wake her up if anybody needed a ride home, and to use the side door if anybody needed to go outside or leave. Of course, I remarked aloud about Sara leaving through the front door when I saw that, which was immediately responded to with Adam saying "Shut up", then Naomi going on about how I was jealous.

No, Naomi. I am, to be frank, extremely annoyed. This is one of the few times I've honestly thought to myself "I wish I lived on my own". I should've dropped my bag in between the two side doors and gone out for a long walk or something. I should wake up tomorrow and if those bottles of beer are still in the fridge, throw them out on the front lawn. I should ask all three of them tomorrow just what the hell happened last night, because the rigidity of the rules that were set out has seemingly relaxed to the point of being nonexistent overnight.

Just for the record, I don't have problems with anybody drinking or whatever. It's just... what the hell is with these kids when all they can think about is being of legal age to do so?

I likely am overreacting though, so I'm going to go to bed and hope that everything is back to normal tomorrow, or at least be able to open the fridge and not see a bunch of brown bottles. Not sure why I'm obsessing so much over those either, but such questions will have to wait so I can get a decent sleep~

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