Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Have No Patience

How sad (and annoying) is this? I have to use a proxy to even access this page. I appreciate there's a DDOS attack either going on or slowly trailing off, but one of the reasons I paid for a permanent account was so I would have preferred access to the site in cases such as these. Finding a working proxy was a big pain too, because almost all of the ones I tried required registration or caused Firefox to display the "This page is trying to load in a way that will never complete" message, and now I'm on one in Mexico that seems to be working, but hopefully not for long, because I'd like everything to be working as normal, by, say, the time I go to bed tonight. Arbitrary time limit, of course, but I do plan on spending at least a couple hours outside this afternoon anyways, seeing as this is the second of my four days off now ^^ I did go out to several places yesterday as well, being Staples, Pharma Plus, Food Basics, and Sobeys, but couldn't go to Wendys as well, so I'll probably do that tonight and head up to Shoppers first because there are two things I want to buy there.

We went out for supper yesterday night too, because the rest of our money from Grandpa's estate finally came in. Given that Adam, Naomi, and I were his grandkids (at least in this family), we only got ~$900, and Mom got ~$4,000, but still, I'm happy with that much, especially because I already had enough saved up for this weekend so I wouldn't have to worry. Nothing terribly special happened in Tilbury, and figuring I had a little extra money to spend, I bought a few leopard-somethings upon getting home, which means I now have at least two more packages coming in the mail <3 Another shirt I ordered should be getting here next week, but aside from that, I'm not sure about the other things, because I haven't received any notification that they were shipped out at all. It's also Saturday though, so maybe that's why :B

In general though (and not related to buying anything), I'm really not pleased. Both with LiveJournal's extended outage which is only affecting certain users, then also coming to an end with a decision about something else I may go into more detail on later. It's also been raining out since noon or so, but meh. A little rain won't hurt, and it seems to mostly be dripping off the eaves anyways. The Bargain Shop isn't exactly close by, but along with it, I would also like to go to No Frills, Giant Tiger, Shoppers, and Wendys today, so I'm going to get wet whether I like it or not. Then possibly Tim Hortons as well if it's still raining later tonight, because they have blueberry donuts now that are awesome, and I want to get some more <3

Speaking of which, I should probably check if the monthly payment has been taken off my Mastercard yet, then after that, I will probably head out~

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