Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Revenge of August

Most of the summer thus far has surprisingly been on the cool side. No complaints here, as I'm sure could be said of almost anybody else too, but today that changed. At this particular moment, theweathernetwork.ca says it's 34°C outside, but feels like 46, so I am only too glad I did the rest of my walking around yesterday. I sort of want to say I'm still not done, actually, because I haven't gone to Giant Tiger, Shoppers, or Wendys yet, but I'm not going to any of those places until I've eaten the snacks I have right now. Unfortunately, with me that comes down to eating way too many in a short span of time so I can go out to whatever other place(s) I have in mind, but I'm going to try and keep from that this time.

Anyways, it just goes to show that you should never... how to say... let your guard down. Here I figured July would be the hottest month of the whole summer because it's in the middle, but oh well. I have fans. And a shower just across the hallway from my room. Combining the two (but never putting the fans into the shower because that would just be stupid) I'll find some way to keep cool. It would have been something for it to be so warm yesterday, what with all the rain, but I'm happy with the way things turned out. Sure, by the time I got to The Bargain Shop my shirt was more or less soaked, but I expected as much. On a somewhat unrelated note, the lady at the register in the dollar store in that same mini-mall had to have been the rudest and most unpleasant individual I've run into lately (you could at least stand to look up from the counter when helping customers), but I digress, and will probably not be heading out that direction for some time anyways because there's nothing else that I want to get out there.

I can't give a reason for this either, but I currently have an illogical desire to reorganize my room. Probably because I'm bored, but think about how hot it is outside and that I'd have to unplug one or both of my fans to do that, then also figure out where my bed would go, taking into account there are about two positions in this room for it where power outlets are still within reach. I could bring the vacuum up here because my floor needs it, or do away with some of the stuff in my closet (bedding bags filled with more random stuff such as pillowcases or thin sheets, etc.) to make room for this case of Readers' Digests that's sitting at the end of my bed right now.

Actually, I might as well do that, because rambling on like this isn't getting me anywhere. Later, Starforce 3 progress, and why the battle with DreadJokerR is so very annoying~

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