Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Give Up for Tonight

Whoever decided you should be made to fight both DreadJokerR and AcidAceR in succession is very, very evil. After reworking my folder a bit, Dread Joker isn't as much of a bother, but I haven't lasted for more than a couple minutes in the battle with Acid Ace, and that's not nearly enough time to memorize some of his attack patterns. It's funny though. Not until this point in the game, which is nearing what I'd assume is the final 20% of the secret plot line, did I notice the layering of cards on the bottom screen, and how you could only select the ones that were on top (accounting for the same line / row / card / white card restrictions), nor how access to the Meteor Server works. I would hope it was explained earlier in the game, but if so, I didn't notice it. Starting at 200% Noise, you can access level one, and it goes up incrementally from there. I haven't yet worked out the specific Noise percentage requirements to access higher levels of the server, but thus far, I've gotten to 6, at somewhere between 500 and 600% Noise. I didn't realize just how useful your Finalized Noise form was either (these game-specific terms are fun), but needless to say I won't be ignoring the "Meteor Access" popup quite as much from now on.

As for the other thing I mentioned earlier about not going out anywhere for snacks, I ended up going back on that. There were, for a couple hours, two banners on The Weather Network's page about a severe thunderstorm watch and warning, and after seeing those, I decided that if it started to storm, I would go out. It wasn't only to that place either, because I bought a sandwich from Tim Hortons, but in fairness, paid for that with the cash I was saving to use at that specific place, so meh. Then I went out to the bank as well around 1am to check my balance, and ended up walking the length of Wellington with some random woman who said she didn't like walking in the dark alone. Strange, but the odds of ever running into her again are slim enough that there's no point to wondering why she was outside walking around in the dark at that time of the morning.

Moving on, there's something I need to say before I go to bed, but before that, what brought this on. This weekend has been decent aside from the heat, but I feel like certain things about me have changed. The same can be said of other days off in the past as well, but before I go off on a tangent about them, what changed this time.

To be blunt, I don't go for the social aspect of the furry fandom anymore. This really was a long time coming, because I haven't kept any friends made over the past year or so (with exceptions for people I met but never really started talking to), but I never really looked at it this way before. Meets and cons don't make a whole lot of sense anymore either, save for a couple exceptions that are too specific to elaborate on right now.

That's pretty much it. I hope that doesn't sound too whiny, and on a positive note, when we get paid this week (so I have a little money to spend without going below $2,000) I plan on looking around for somebody to commission a couple more userpics or full images from, but the rest feels like it's serving only to drag me down, and I don't want that.

Going out with tail and ears is still fun for the reactions I get (both positive and negative). One example of such was on the way home from 7-11 earlier, where I heard a guy singing the first couple lines to the Batman theme song except with "Cat man" instead ^^; Since it's related, I still identify with the idea of anthropomorphic animals too (it would be pretty silly to call myself furry if I didn't), and I can't think of a good way to end this sentence let alone this cut, so abruptness will suffice.

I can scarcely think to remember anything else I planned to write about now. Being hot and tired is in no way helping that though, so I think I'll just go to bed and hope harder than I ever have that it snows tomorrow <3 More realistically, it would be nice for the temperature to stay below 25, but if not, I'll find some way to keep cool. I could have quick shower before I go to bed to cool off as well, actually, but meh. It's almost 6:30am, so that can wait until tomorrow too~

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