Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Losing Patience With This

Let me say right away that I know it's silly and pointless to be getting frustrated with the weather, but I cannot wait for this time next week, because by then August will be on it's way out instead of in, and with any luck all of this humidity will be going with it. I ended up going to bed earlier than normal yesterday because I was so tired and hot, and it feels slightly cooler today, but slight changes in temperature pale in comparison to the alternative. There's a 40% chance of thunderstorms for tonight again, and as long as I can get to work before it starts to rain, I'll be quite happy with that. Surprisingly enough, I'm actually looking forward to going back tonight (minus the heat, of course), simply to be doing something more productive (and that I'm getting paid for) with my time. We also get our pay stubs tonight, so there's that to look forward to as well.

Further towards last night though, before I decided to go bed, I ended up finally beating Dread Joker and Acid Ace, and it's funny. It took me at least twenty tries to beat both of them, but Sirius (I keep wanting to type Serenade ^^;) went down in the first battle without any problems despite having more HP than either of them. Aside from other miscellaneous stuff, that means I've completely beaten the game now, but two things that will still keep me busy are needing to beat all the R-series wizards in under 12 seconds (not as impossible as it sounds, but largely-luck (or folder) specific), finding a BlkHole1 card to finish the final job in the game, then also acquire at least one Omega Piece, when getting into a battle with an Omega version wizard is rare enough, let alone being able to beat them. As such, I started playing through the Pegasus version of the original Starforce, because I never fully completed either of the other two games, and I'm curious as to what extra stuff there is to be found in them.

Also today, packages in the mail, which were to be expected because I received a tracking number via email last night then woke up this morning to find it waiting for me <3 Two things actually came today, but one is a shirt that's too small despite being extra-large, then the other which ended up being something different than I expected entirely. The fur I've had attached to the lid of my laptop for a while now is starting to come loose again, and the only way to keep it from coming unstuck again (aside from the heat, which is out of my control) is squaring off the corners, which I don't want to do. To remedy this situation, I made a custom skin on this site, and received an email from them as well yesterday saying that it had been shipped out <3

... dear god, thunder. I thought it wasn't going to rain at all today because the thunderstorm warning on the weather page disappeared, but there was just this big crash outside, and now I can see the rain falling at my window. This would be a perfect time to go downstairs and start the dishes, but before that, one more thing to do up here~

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