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Change Isn't Always Good

I can't remember how I found it, but I installed Panda Cloud Antivirus earlier after reading that it was more lightweight and unintrusive than most (or all) other antivirus programs, but within about ten minutes, I was back to using Avast 4. First of all, it detected three viruses in the time it ran, one of which was legit (the launcher program for San Andreas which I really should just delete because I have no desire to play it), and the other two were from an EXE in Vista Drive Status's folder (again, another program I don't use anymore, but it's small enough that I didn't think to delete it before now) and a program in Tango Patcher's folder that disables Windows File Protection until you reboot.

I really wish there was an official Microsoft utility you could use to do just that, because there don't appear to be any permanently working directions for XP SP3, and my thoughts on deleting system-critical files are that if I do, it's my own fault and I'll have to find some other way to back up my files then reinstall XP. Simple, but at the same time not so much, because I can follow directions found online, then delete a couple DLLs and one .nex file that I know aren't important, and literally watch Windows replace them within one minute <3 nLite might actually be able to do that though, so if it becomes that much of a bother again, I'll try that.

In the meantime, I decided earlier tonight that I would do this again, simply because trying to make everything flow together doesn't always work out (my entries, that is).

1] Waking up only halfway (give or take) is weird. On Sunday morning, I was having a dream about needing to pay for a couple things online, but not wanting to because the seller was supposed to send me a combined total so I could save a bit of money. Somewhere along that train of thought, I woke up just enough to be able to see around my room, and ended up fumbling with my fan and wall for a while, because I was absolutely positive the "Cancel Payment" button was around there. Sadly, I can't remember what happened after that, but the next time I woke up, my fan was turned off, and I could not remember ever pressing the button :B

Also, yesterday morning, I had a dream where I could see the title screen of Black Ace, and half woke up once again only to sit up in bed and stare at / reach towards my external hard drives wondering which one I had to open / turn on to start the game. I think I finally got over the feeling of "Something isn't right here, but I can't place what", because the next thing I can remember doing was going downstairs to check the mail, despite it only being 7:45 in the morning. I woke up again in the same sort of state at noon, but had enough presence of mind to immediately go downstairs and claim my packages from the kitchen counter. Before going back upstairs, however, I had to stop and think to myself about pouring a bowl of cereal since I was awake, and thankfully realized it was too early to be eating breakfast.

Wouldn't surprise me if the same thing happens tonight, but it's also much cooler than yesterday and the day before right now, so maybe not. I still can't wait for fall, but it would be more surprising if that wasn't a given thing by now.

2] Family reunion? Last Friday, I overheard Mom telling Dad that since we all got our money, we'd be going to the family reunion at Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob's this year. I can't remember the date, but I'm pretty sure it was sometime in September. The only problem with going (aside from getting time off of work) is that we'd be staying overnight, but I was thinking about it on the way to work (that's actually when I remembered hearing her say that), and decided that if I'm able to go, I will, but check Google Maps for a variety store or fast food place nearby. The past several family trips we've gone on has shown me that I can't always count on Mom and Dad to take the 401, and if they do, can't expect them to always be willing to stop at a service centre, so why not go along, see family, then once things have died down a bit, duck outside for a bit of a walk and to explore a city I've never been in? I am, of course, using the word "explore" very liberally, but it means the same thing regardless of whether I walk a couple blocks or a couple kilometres.

That idea alone is fun, but I'm also intrigued for another reason. Andrea's (Patty and Rob's older daughter) wedding was a couple years ago, and I ended up not going because of work, but still printed directions from Google Maps for Dad, and in so doing, had him tell me it would be the last time they ever saw "them". I'm assuming that means Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob, and one possible explanation is that they moved from Burlington to Mississauga not long before the wedding, but there was also some tension between our family in theirs, due in some part to Aunt Patty thinking she was "all that", and I don't know if that was ever resolved.

Regardless, if I remember to, I'll ask them about it tomorrow, and see what happens from there.

3] A better explanation of the package stuff mentioned in my previous entry. Some time ago (the middle of July at latest), I purchased this shirt. It finally came in the mail today, but is too small, so I have contacted them about getting a larger size, but they haven't yet responded. Then this past weekend, I created a custom laptop skin with this site, and received two emails very early Monday morning, the first of which was them saying "Your item has been shipped out", and the other from UPS regarding a tracking number. Naturally, I assumed the two were related, but upon opening those packages earlier this afternoon, I found something else I had bought, but was not expecting to arrive so quickly instead. No, I won't say what it is, and no, it's nothing I've mentioned before, but that's where the confusion came in. The package in question was shipped from within Canada, so I can see why it arrived so quickly, and the one for my laptop skin is being handled by USPS, so the customary two week wait will apply.

4] The past weekend on a whole. It wasn't fun for the heat, but otherwise, very coincidental, in a good way, of course. What were the odds of our checks coming on Friday? What were the odds of Mom scheduling our hair cuts for that day, the first one I had off so I wouldn't have to worry about going to work and being tired, instead of Thursday? What were the odds of Mom deciding to take us out for supper, then me making the decision to walk home and stop at several places along the way? The whole weekend, nay, Friday alone was awesome. Not planning ahead is just as good as anything else <3

Those are enough for tonight, but just before I go off to bed, one other concern. Buying Christmas presents, at least for Adam, just got a little bit harder. As I walked through the dining room to wash dishes earlier tonight, he asked me how long it should take for a Paypal account to get set up, and said that he'd registered for one but had to find some amounts. If his plans are anything like what I'm thinking though, he's going to use it for IMVU so he doesn't have to keep buying money orders. I don't think he's really considered eBay or other such sites either yet, but I might have to get a little bit more creative and thoughtful sometime soon.

Not for close to five months though, so in the meantime I'm going to use about ten hours of a single day to sleep, then do whatever interesting and fun things I find to occupy my time tomorrow~

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