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Google's Memory is Awesome <3

From what Mom told me earlier, we're going to this family reunion on the 26th of September, and coming back on the 27th. Nothing special there, aside from the Volcano Menu promotion finally being over at work, but as long as I don't forget, I plan to book those two days off tomorrow. Going back to what I said yesterday about searching for a fast food place or convenience store nearby, I would need their address for that, and all I could remember was that they live in Mississauga. This is where Google comes in very useful, because all I had to do was type "mississauga" into the search box, and their address popped up. Well, at least what I thought was their address, and I would make sense to assume that it was because I used Google Maps to find the directions for Dad before, but I was ready to find Uncle Rob's email address (I have one single email somewhere in Gmail that I sent to him) and ask "Is this your address?"

That problem was solved quite easily by consulting Canada 411. That definitely is them, and Google Maps shows several places less than half an hour away <3 I am so looking forward to that now for some reason that I can't even articulate, but it comes down to going to see everybody again (and I still haven't been to any sort of family gathering since I started going around with tail and ears (but I wouldn't be surprised if my immediate family tries to keep me from bringing them there)), then also being able to go out and have my own fun as well, especially in this case because I don't have to worry about being back at a specific time. One potential problem would be keeping the door to the house locked, but I don't yet know if we're staying there, and if not in favor of a motel or something, either go before everybody else leaves to go back to their own homes, or look for the same types of establishments around the hotel, which there should be alot more of anyways.

Another good thing is a continuation on what I wrote a couple days ago about finding somebody to commission a couple more userpics or full images from. I got to looking around on Furbid tonight (Furaffinity would be the more obvious choice, but I have no desire to even try and find somebody I like and who is cheap among all the artists on there), and at this point, am waiting on two different emails for Paypal addresses. Went for one auction offering a custom made ~2 inch high clay figurine of your fursona, and another for a little Megaman-style image. That one was only $2 as well, so I'm really amused at the thought of sending the money in Paypal (fees, namely), which I don't have anything else interesting to say about, but seemed worthy of note. I'm going to continue looking though, because I'd like to get three or four for different moods (happy, angry, soul-crushingly depressed (although I probably wouldn't use it that often even though the opposite may seem more true), and either tired, or into the weird energetic feeling that comes just beyond being tired, etc.), and the previews in the only auction I've found that could be used for that so far are overly shiny. It's a start though, so hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I'll have two new emails waiting.

Oh, that's fun. At the exact moment I finished typing "waiting", the Gmail Notifier message appeared. Speaking of which, another fun thing of the same sort. About two days ago now, I finally took it upon myself to find out what "QED" stood for. I've seen it used several times on Reddit and such, but without going into unnecessary detail, it stands for "quod erat demonstrandum", and from what I understand, actually means "this theory is correct as shown by the proof I've just given you". Later that same night, I heard a five minute "lesson" on it on the radio, then yesterday night while looking through my RSS feeds, ran into it again. There is, of course, an official term for that sort of thing, being the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, but I never really noticed it in action before now.

Finally, because it's getting close to 5, tomorrow should be interesting in it's own right. Either Melissa or Sheila scheduled me to work from 5 'till 11. Not that I'm complaining yet, because not having to close and thus not having to put the order away will be nice, but with school starting soon and all, Melissa needs everybody to give her their hours of availability again, and I hope she still realizes that I strongly prefer closing. It is genuinely comforting to know that I don't have to be at work until 8, and that I never sleep past 4, so I'd like to keep on that track. Work shouldn't be bad aside from Mel though, and I already told Steve I'll gladly stay until midnight if he wants to send her home early. Not to be mean or anything, but she's been given several chances to improve now, and hasn't shown any sign of doing so yet, so we're all getting rather frustrated with her.

Having said that, I do plan on waking up at 2 tomorrow (when I've slept in 'till 4 the past couple days), so I'm going to send that one payment, then try to fall asleep before 6am~

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