Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Perhaps a Bit Hasty

While at work yesterday, once I finally remembered I needed to book those days in September off, Melissa informed me that she'd be throwing the time off book out in about two weeks anyways, in favor of having us request time off directly about two weeks before the specific dates. Her logic is that it isn't fair to new employees, because staff that have been there longer than them will end up booking all the "good" days off (New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve, some weekend in May that I can never remember, etc.) as soon as the new book is brought in. Makes sense, but I still prefer the book for being able to write your name under certain days, then forget about it. Now I'm going to have to wait until the first or second week of September and ask her again (which will likely involve going there on a day off or earlier in the afternoon), and hope that she either remembers or writes in down in a book of her own.

As for other days off though, meh. Christmas Eve is only good for the Carols by Candlelight service at Evangel Community Church, New Year's Eve is unimportant because I don't do anything that's considered normal for that night (partying, etc.), then that weekend in May is the same sort of thing, leaving the only other days as my birthday which I will still definitely be asking to have off just for that, then other infrequent longer breaks such as the one I took last weekend.

Actual work yesterday was okay, at least as far as me being on backups goes (a position which is pretty much nonexistent at night), then of course Mel went home early after saying she was feeling sick, so I was put on front cash in her place, and probably made Steve at least a bit upset from that. For one, a guy came in saying he had been through about an hour ago, and got tomatoes on his chicken quesadillas when he didn't want them. Yeah, sure. The only way we will ever put tomatoes on those is if you specifically request and pay for them, so I doubt that happened. He said he had been in the drive through, so I went down there to try and find the receipt, and ended up having to fix another lady's order to bring the price down a bit, and when I finally worked out that the guy at front cash may have been talking about meximelts, Steve stepped in and said "Those were the only meximelts that were ordered tonight, and I know they didn't have tomatoes on them because I wrapped them myself. Typical, and the guy left in a huff mumbling something like "I won't come back here then", but in fairness, I would expect customers with complaints to at least know what they're complaining about. Makes things easier for everybody, and if I had been on line, I would've just said "It's only two meximelts, so here. If these aren't what you ordered the first time, you'll have to check at home, call us back when you've worked out your original order, and we'll put you in the book for a replacement next time you're in."

Still two more nights of that to go though, but at least Manoah is the closing manager for both of them instead. Other normal stuff will have to wait for now though, because I'd like to play (Starforce) Pegasus a bit more, then I also have some new music to put on my PSP, which old stuff will have to be deleted to make room for~

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