Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Going to get Sick of This

This = more fiddling with Firefox. Most of today's messing around was divided between changing one button icon to fit with the Foxkeh theme better, then migrating as many of my changes as possible to userChrome.css. It's funny how when I first started using Firefox (or even Firebird, to go back that far), I avoided all folders created by the program (outside of the base installation directory) like the plague, and now the only time I go in there usually ends up being when I'm looking for something in the wrong place. In the past day alone I have opened %appdata%\Mozilla more times than I care to count, and know more about where the browser stores various configuration files than I ever would have guessed or cared to know <3 Having said that, most of my changes can be seen here:

 @namespace url(http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul);

/*** replaces default unnamed bookmark icon with rss.ico ***/
.bookmark-item[container="true"][label=""] {
list-style-image: url('rss.ico') !important;
-moz-image-region: rect(0px 16px 16px 0px) !important;

/*** flat toolbar buttons ***/
toolbarbutton {
-moz-appearance: none !important; border: 0px !important;

/*** hide addressbar dropdown arrow ***/
.autocomplete-history-dropmarker {
display: none !important;

/*** hide back/forward/other button dropdown arrows ***/
.toolbarbutton-menubutton-dropmarker {
display: none !important;

/*** change urlbar HTTPS background color ***/
#urlbar[level="high"] > .autocomplete-textbox-container {
background-color: ffffff !important;

/*** hide border at beginning of tab bar (vertigo required?) ***/
.tabbrowser-tabs {
-moz-padding-start: 0px; border-top: none !important;

/*** add border to right side of urlbar (foxkeh theme color specific) ***/
#urlbar .autocomplete-textbox-container {
border-right: 1px dashed rgb(234,196,129) !important;

/*** change color of active and inactive but hovered tabs ***/
.tabbrowser-tab[selected="true"] > hbox {
background-color: #ffffff !important;
.tabbrowser-tab:hover:not([selected="true"]) > hbox {
background-color :#ffffff !important;

The only mods not in there are setting a true custom Permatabs color (as opposed to picking from the set list of colors you're given in the extension options), changing Personal Menu's menu icon (and adding the hover and active button states), then the changes to StumbleUpon mentioned before, which are made by overwriting some of the extension's images with custom ones, and therefore wouldn't be practical to change with userChrome. It's rewarding, in a weird, sort of satisfying way to say "I want to make that change", then actually be able to find a way to accomplish it ^^

On the better side of things, I took a look at those mini-sculpture pictures, which can be seen here for anybody else. Amusingly, his response after I said I liked it asked if I wanted it to be painted white, because the reference picture I sent him looked grey, so when I actually get it, it will look slightly different, but for now, it's awesome <3 Not at all what I was expecting during our first couple emails either, but definitely in a good way.

This is going to end very abruptly though, because it's going on 6:20 in the morning and I have nowhere near enough energy to last until 8am tonight. Nothing came in the mail today, so maybe when I wake up tomorrow, but otherwise the usual, being that I hope it's not too hot out, especially because I work tomorrow. Seeing it stay dark out for longer is quite heartening, and I can't wait until the sun has almost gone down by the time I leave for work again, but at any rate, bedtime. I still have at least one other specific topic to write about, so with any luck I'll get to that tomorrow sometime instead of becoming sidetracked with tweaking Firefox~

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