Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One of Those Days

Work was the worst, but all in all, this would've been a nice day to have just spent in my room. Let's just say Manoah was scheduled until midnight, and was therefore put on front cash, but at 11 he decided to go out for a smoke with Megan before she went home. For close to an hour too. Then when Steve finally unlocked the door so he could get in (he didn't think to check the back door, which was open, or walk around to the drive-through window and get our attention there), did the counts and made some food to take home. I warned him that the pan of beef on line was all we had for the rest of the night, and he asked if that meant there was no more down (why, I don't understand, aside from the possibility of wanting me to think "Maybe I should put some down just in case"), and when I told him that that's what "all we have" implied, gave me attitude and went on about how he hadn't eaten all day, and was entitled to his manager meal, and how if we ran out of beef it was my own fault.

Granted, but it is YOUR fault that you haven't eaten all day. I don't care how busy your life is. If you can't find the time to eat a quick breakfast in the morning then have at least a small snack at some point after that, you really need to reconsider your priorities. Have something to eat instead of immediately sitting down to smoke as soon as you get to work, or when you go out for one of your many smoke breaks during the night, but do not even THINK of yelling at me when I caution you about the amount of beef, ESPECIALLY because if you had been doing your job properly, the dining room would have been done by 11:30, and you would have plenty of time to make food before midnight while we still had plenty of everything.

Then earlier on, when I had just walked in to change, I noticed a board on the back that said pre-close stuff could only be done during the last hour of the night, and if it was done earlier, severe (in red marker) consequences would follow. Screw off, Melissa. I understand you're the GM and have authority to be saying things and making threats like that, but you need to work more closes and see exactly why we do certain stuff earlier right now. The one example tonight was bagging three pans for line before my shift started. Manoah asked if I'd seen the note, and I said yes, followed by him telling me that he'd prefer if I stopped because he didn't want to get in trouble because of what I was doing. Get off my back. Seriously. I am not going to use these until at least 11, and the only reason I'm getting them ready now is because we usually get somewhat busy then, and one less thing to worry about really helps.

Not a word was said when I cleaned out cold line and put a bag in it. Not a word was said when I bagged bertha. Not a word was said when i took everything except for the hard shells out from under the heat lamps, and ALL of those could count as pre-close work. The only reason you're saying anything to me now is because Melissa did last time I worked (and that was incidental to begin with), and you just want to get in good with her so she'll think of you more favorably if and when something you've done wrong is brought to her attention.

I was also going to leave her a note tonight about the days I want off in September, but knowing it, that weekend would come and I'd be scheduled to work because she had forgotten. Unless she plans on placing herself in between the staff and the time off book, in that the same rules from before will apply, but everybody will have to ask her for certain days off instead of writing their name under those dates. We'll see, because I might see her as soon as this Thursday or Friday.

All told though, not the greatest day, but there were a few good parts too, although to write about them would require me to wait until tomorrow afternoon, and that is too long. I do have the night off though, so for now I'm going to get started early and play Starforce Pegasus some more :3 Possibly tidying up the files created with yesterday's modding too, but that gives me two things to do~

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