Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

At the End of my Rope

Work has been mostly annoying lately, but tonight was the last straw. The first thing I noticed at the back was that a new schedule had gone up, so I looked it over to see when I was working, and how many days I'd be getting off. Imagine my chagrin when I saw not only that I've been given Wednesday at the beginning, then Tuesday at the end of said schedule off (working five days in between), but also, Melissa and / or Shelia have decided I should start working supper shifts. All but one have me starting at 5 or 7 and working 'till 11 or 12. I'm fine with supper shifts every now and then, but not for an entire schedule, so that was a problem, and I wrote Melissa a pointed note about that fact, mentioning that come the first or second week of September, I'd be going back to Heart and Stroke, then also requested September 25th through 27th off.

A couple hours after that, George asked what I thought of my schedule, and when I told him I didn't like it, he said on one of his past shifts, the draft of the next schedule to go up was shown to him, and on it, they have me working an unsaid number of 11am to 8pm shifts. Two words. Hell. No.

As soon as I had a chance after learning that, I wrote a second, revised note for Melissa, which was more specific as to why I told her I could not and would not work those shifts. Primarily because when I gave her my availability for Fall a while back, I told her I would prefer to remain on closes. Now, I will admit "prefer" is a bit more uncertain that I'd like, but the rest of the note was plenty forward, so I didn't want to risk overdoing it. Not once did I say "I'd like to stay on closes, but if you need me for other shifts, that's fine", and that's the same point I plan to argue if it becomes necessary, because I'm going in there tomorrow afternoon to follow up on said note and see what her response is.

If it were to go so far, fine, schedule me for supper shifts, but there is no way I'm starting any earlier than 5pm without my life being threatened. Should they be unwilling to budge, I intend to give my two weeks notice. I don't want to, because it took me long enough to find the job I have now and get used to it as is, but I'm not going to even attempt changing my sleeping schedule again for them.

There are two reasons that come to mind for them doing that, one of which is so they can supervise me and make sure I'm doing stuff right (I refer you to this entry), and the other being to make certain staff like Mary happy. Apparently she and Ang don't get along that well, and Mary has given a Melissa an ultimatum that says either she be put on closes to get away from Ang, or she's quitting. Oh no, you don't get along with somebody. Tough luck, Mary. You're a manager, which gives you the right to stand up to your staff if they're being bossy or rude towards you. Better yet, if by some miracle I'm able to remain on closes, I can't see her and I getting along that well either, because since she's started working at our store, she seems to be trying too hard to fit in and be cool. It doesn't work that way, and frankly, you should be more concerned about fulfilling your other duties than about what the staff think of you. The two of us played quite a few pranks against Manoah one night, but there's a big difference between working with someone every now and then, and seeing them on a regular basis.

So tomorrow afternoon is, right now, quite iffy. Especially because I have the day off, and if things don't go well with Melissa, that will ruin the rest of the evening and night. Michele also emailed me this morning to say September was approaching quickly, and asked if I could call her tomorrow afternoon to see about coming in again, but the response I sent her before I started writing this entry said I'd phone before 5 if possible, but if not, on Thursday. Also, on an entirely different note, while waiting outside for Manoah once we'd closed tonight, I was following a cat around the parking lot, and a cop saw me, so he decided to pull in and ask what was going on. I realize they have every right to check things out if they look suspicious, but I motioned to the bag my uniform was in several times and told him he could look if he didn't believe I worked there, then even when Manoah came out and confirmed that fact, he stood there for another full minute watching us before finally saying "Just have to check, y'know?" then getting back in his car and driving off.

In the meantime, I'm installing OpenOffice Calc so I can make a new résumé, just on the off chance the worst-case scenario should end up being played out. Again, I really hope not, but I won't know until tomorrow afternoon anyways~

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