Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Don't See the Point

At work tonight, Manoah asked me what the cop who pulled in while I was waiting outside for him on Tuesday night wanted, then at the end of the night, I brought it up again by suggesting another one might pull in, and he would not let it go after that. Apparently on their way home that night, he told his Mom what had happened, and she said he should've asked for his name and / or badge number, because there was no reason for him to have done that. Yeah, right. Allow me to speak for a second as the one who caused him to pull in.

I was not in uniform, walking around a fast food place at about 4 in the morning, and due to giving up on following the cat at a bad moment, walked back behind the store just as said cop pulled past, so all he would've seen was me staring at him for a split second then disappearing behind the wall. He had every right to be suspicious, and I can't blame him for not making any move to take a look at my uniform either. For all he knew I could've run off or worse while his back was turned. You, Manoah, are, in a manner of speaking, "God" inside Taco Bell, but once we're out of that store, you're no better than anybody else. Maybe I'm desensitized from having been stopped so many times on the way home, but I'd much rather answer a few questions and prove that I'm not cause for concern, instead of trying to act like a tough guy and actually get myself into trouble.

He couldn't get over the cop's first question being about my tail and ears either. Sure, it may not be his business, those sorts of questions are far removed from your apparent believing I think the same way you do. I don't mind being stopped and asked what it's about, because the alternative is having them make up explanations on their own, and that's the last thing I want. As for his last question / statement being about me working like that, it was an awkward situation. Surely you've said those sorts of things too.

So that was the most interesting thing about tonight, and otherwise, it was a decent shift. Washed almost all of the dishes, and put the entire order away by myself, which is quite acceptable by any means. The next two nights will, unfortunately, probably not go quite as well, because Steve closes and it will probably end up being busy. Additionally, I didn't think to ask Melissa if regular staff are allowed to overrule the managers if they're, say, turning the dining room lights off early, but I see her for five days next week, so I'll ask her then, as well as ask to have the 28th of September off as well, because it turns out we're getting our hair cut on the 25th, then going to Mississauga on the 26th, but that will allow for another four days off that I will hopefully be able to use a couple hours of for walking about there and finding snacks <3

Anyways, it's bedtime, and half an hour past, at that. I need to start getting into the habit of going to bed at 6am again, what with returning to Heart and Stroke coming up the week after next, but that's still plenty of time, so there's no sense rushing ahead and ending up being tired all the time like before~

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