Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's About Time She Came In

For all the talk we've heard about the possibility of Melissa unexpectedly showing up at night, she has once now, and more than likely because of something to do with Michelle, because the two of them were standing at front cash together, and they both left at the same time once they'd been given their food. At least she didn't actually come into the back to check on us, but I still got in a bit of trouble for one of the shelves on line being completely empty aside from hard shells, when I hadn't done anything to empty it myself. Then before she left, Mary couldn't resist using me mentioning that we'd see her tomorrow night to say "That shelf won't be empty then either, right?" Please stop. I want cold, hard facts that show it takes me longer to make an order with twists or nachos and cheese or whatever when they're stored away in the cabinets as opposed to being on line before you say anything. Then Sheila apparently thought she was so special and had to make sure we were aware of the "new" rules for closing line before she left. When was the last time you closed, Sheila? We know, and I, at least, am already working out ways of getting around that. Those two things aside though, it was a decent shift, so hopefully tonight goes more or less the same.

Having tonight off would be better, sure, but all I would really do right now is play Starforce 2 some more, because that was the last thing I was doing before going to bed last night. Up to the second area of the Wazzap ruins, and I didn't have the patience to start it then, but maybe now. Especially because for some reason, I'm now finding gold mystery waves here and there. At first I thought they merely held bonus items that you had to go back for after clearing an entire area / beating a boss, but now I see they can be found more or less anywhere in the wave world, but appear very infrequently. Apparently they can be found in both other Starforce games too, but I haven't seen them in either of those yet. Once I finish this game, however, I plan on playing through Starforce 3: Red Joker, just to see what differences there are and whatnot, so maybe I'll run into them then. Still, if I do save that for tomorrow, it will have to wait for a bit, because as long as I get up in time to eat breakfast an have an hour or so to sit here before 4pm, I'll be heading out to a couple places. Nothing exceedingly special, but I feel that if I say what they are right now (one's a fast food place, the other a store), it'll rain or something tomorrow afternoon and I won't be able to go.

Otherwise, I seem to be coming across as really bored right now, but I'm not. There are things I could go off on at least one page about, but they're brought up out of anger or irritation at things I decide are unimaginative or not necessary, and I'm not about to entertain those, at least publicly. Therefore, I think I'll go downstairs to grab a couple more blueberry muffins before they're all gone, and leave writing any more until I get home from work, where I will hopefully be able to remember what I was going to say before I went to sleep last night. Yeah~

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