Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Why Did They do This?

Started playing Starforce 2 when I got home, and am up to pretty much the final part of the game, in that all that's left to be done is fight Le Mu. However, the game developers thought it would be either a good or funny idea (possibly both) to make it so that you're forced to save at one point (because you can't save from then on), then are asked if you're ready to continue, and when you answer yes, are made to trudge through two more small enemies with Murians (knight-type enemies) wandering about, and after you get past those, face three cutscenes that can only be skipped one at a time. Le Mu is also fun, because it has a 500-or-so HP barrier at the start of the battle, then 2,000 HP after that. It shouldn't be a terribly difficult battle, but I need to try it again tomorrow afternoon because I've lost my patience for it right now.

The reason for that may very well be that it's after 7am already, but I didn't even notice the time at first, and am hardly tired anyways, so whatever. I have tomorrow and Monday off, and I only need to make sure I get up at about 3:00. Work was okay, because while I expected to be on line again, Steve somehow wound up on it instead, so I busied myself first with the dining room then floating around doing other stuff after that and helping on line when the orders started to pull up. While the dining room was open though, I had been out sweeping it, and saw somebody with a truck pull in, then park diagonally across two spaces. I stood at the door watching for a bit to see if they were going to back up then straighten the truck out, but no. Some guy jumps out and walks into the dining room, so I went back inside, and as he was looking at the menu boards, said "I'm not trying to tell you how to drive, but you really can't be sprawled across two spaces like that". He was predictably apologetic, saying that he didn't drive the truck that often and it was really long, and other than that I took his order as normal because nothing would be accomplished by pursuing his parking any further.

Those few words though... Saying that sort of stuff is satisfying. Not being rude, but simply saying "Hey, you can't do this". Steve's reaction before that guy had come into the dining room was to say he couldn't order at all then, but that's normal for him, and otherwise, that would've created a big mess for both of us. Likewise, calmly asking customers in drive through to turn their music down when it's so loud you can feel it inside evokes the same sort of feeling. Meanwhile you get Steve who shouts at them from the far end of line to "turn your [expletive] stereo off!", and it's another example of things that are funny in a bad way. Why does it seem that the employee who's the worst at dealing with customers always ends up doing just that?

I think, however, it's time for bed now. I've gone from being wide awake to not really being able to keep my eyes open, so tomorrow, hopefully beating Starforce 2 (then completing all of the jobs in it...), then also a bit of walking earlier in the afternoon as long as I wake up on time Sounds like a decent day~

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