Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Planning Ahead for Next Week

It seems appropriate that I told Michele I wouldn't be able to come in this Wednesday due to work, yet have it off after all, but my five supper shifts are after that, and I've been thinking. One of those shifts ends at 10, which I'm almost certain will allow me plenty of time to go to McDonalds (looking on the website, they're actually open 'till midnight all seven days of the week), then we'll have to see about other places. I already went to Wendys yesterday, which was fun and kept me busy for an hour (walking out to Pharma Plus as well as there), so that's out unless I go to the other one, but the way I see it, there are really aren't any problems with starting work at 5. Most of the time I don't have a whole lot to do first thing in the afternoon, and because supper shifts (for me, at least) always end between 10 and 12, I have even more time to come home and do whatever I feel like. That's not to say I regret having told Melissa I'd prefer to remain on closes, because I'm still far more used to them and get along with the closers better, but I have these five days, and they will be taken advantage of <3

Going back to that thing about Melissa though, I really, really need to take things such as what George said with a grain of salt. Not ignoring them completely, because on any other day I still would've met with Melissa as soon as possible to ensure she wasn't putting me on lunches, but on Saturday night, I was poking around in the office looking for Comet (there was and still might be a terrible smell emanating from the ice chest (not machine) in drive through), and instead of finding it, found the draft of the next schedule. The only shifts listed on it were those for managers, and theirs are worked out at least a couple weeks before ours are. Then again, there may have been another schedule in the works that she'd thrown out after our talk that one afternoon, but just as likely, they simply could've been joking around when George saw what me told me about. It's a mystery, but one I won't worry about until that schedule goes up if anything.

In other news, Starforce 2 is coming along well, but the alternate world is quite annoying because you can't walk more than ten steps without running into a virus. The jobs are almost all complete as well, with the exception of two that require your link power to be 500 or higher, and the easiest way to do that right now would be to borrow Adam's R4DS for a bit and use my other DS to effectively become brothers with myself (if the game would allow that). It's not worth the worry though, because the only thing of value you get from then is a TradrTix, which, as far as I'm concerned, are useless because they haven't been mentioned once yet. The only other thing I have to figure out how to do is get to the link power gate in Loch Mess, because there's supposed to be a mega weapon behind it, but I can see no way of getting there. It's not a priority either though, because the K.Knckle found in Mu (along with the CardFndr, eventually) is all I need.

Anyways, everybody else ate supper without me again, so I'll be heading to 7-11 at some point tonight, but before that, I have to send an email to myself about something I just remembered. Then afterwards, probably more Starforce 2 (provided I can defeat CancerBubbleIF), but we'll see about that then. There's also disposing of several more small cardboard boxes I have no use for anymore, but I'll get to both sooner or later~

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