Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Think it's Only Fair

Taking small things from work despite that I really shouldn't. Most of the time, a box of fries to have as a snack with salt and vinegar before my shift starts, but last night, that as well as two small garbage bags. They'll never notice the difference, and the small ones aren't very commonly used to begin with. It's just that I cut up some more of those small cardboard boxes last night, and in so doing, filled up a moderately sized box with little cardboard squares, and there was no way I could discard them in that, because it already had a chunk cut out of one of the flaps on top for other reasons. Then also, I, for whatever reason, don't tend to my garbage that well, in such a way that it's pretty common for me to have two or three other full bags of garbage next to the one that's in the pail, and rather than take them all down to the basement individually, I might as well take an extra bag to stuff them all into.

Now that I've written that, it doesn't sound as interesting as I'd imagined, but meh.

In regards to what I said a couple days ago about having to go to McDonalds one or two nights where I'm done early coming up, I have to wonder if this is really just a coincidence. When I woke up and went downstairs to get cereal earlier this afternoon, there were coupons for that place on the counter, so I'm definitely going there tomorrow night, then maybe on Friday as well :3 After closer inspection of the schedule, I work 'till Midnight Saturday through Monday, so those places won't be available then, but definitely on Thursday and Friday. I got a quick look at the next schedule last night too, now that some of it is finished, and assuming they don't change what's written down for me, I close on Wednesday, then have another supper shift on Thursday. Interesting, but nothing to get hopeful for or make plans around yet.

Also, there is this. Some time ago, I sent them that suggestion (in July), and was wondering if they were going to use it or not, and now I see that they did ^^ Also included in that email were showering with the lights off, going to bed and sleeping for what feels like a full night but waking up to see that only a couple hours have passed by, finding money in the dryer, and picking dried glue off the inside and outside of the cap <3 Little satisfying or enjoyable things like that.

I'm starting to get hungry again though (which is odd, because I ate some cereal less than three hours ago), so I might as well find a snack then take these bags of garbage down to the basement as well. After that, possibly more Starforce 2 because I finally finished the first part of the secret area, and the normal objectives like collecting all the cards and defeating the SP bosses within a certain time have come into play, so I could work on fulfilling those. Nintendo also sent an email last night about a new Professor Layton game though, so I could look around and see if that can be found anywhere yet, but probably not, because then I'd never finish Starforce 2, and I don't want to have to start the game again~

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