Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

They Sure Don't Take Long

All I had to do was go downstairs and get a bowl of cereal, and on the way back up to my room was stopped by Mom saying that Sheila had called, and wanted to know if I could close tonight. Once again, not a chance. First of all, Mary is the closing manager, and she has two other somewhat regular closers (I can't remember specifically who), and I'm not going to end up being the one with the most seniority on that shift yet still second to Mary. Also, the order comes in tonight, and all I plan on doing for that is rotating the stock before I leave. They can put it away themselves, because I've done the same both last Thursday and the week before that, entirely on my own. Finally, the same reasoning as before. I work according to my schedule. Not according to them changing their minds at the last minute. Sheila works until 5 though, which means I'll be getting there in plenty of time to see her, but assuming she asks again there, I'll just say "I'm here now, so I'll work my five to ten" I sort of want to stick it to them too for putting me on these days to begin with, but that and anything else should've been rather obvious by now.

Nothing else has happened yet today though, mostly because I just woke up at 2. If I didn't work in a couple hours, I would most definitely be sleeping again right now because I am still a little tired, but I need to get used to this for next week. It seems strange that I'll be going there only twice before the weekend of our family reunion comes, but those two times will probably be plenty, especially with the new area manager and getting used to him. One thing he will have to realize is 90% of the time, I'm much more productive when listening to music on my PSP as opposed to the radio, so here's hoping he doesn't say I can't use it in order to answer the phone, because if so I'll really be displeased. Then the prospect of the Christmas party has been on my mind recently too. As stated previously, they won't go for me having my tail and ears in the office this year, and I can understand that, but the Christmas party might be somewhat different. Sure, we'll all still be representing Heart and Stroke, but at the same time it's a more casual event. I might end up just sitting it out this year though. Simply for not being put in that position, once again, and also because last year I was annoyed with one of the other volunteers complaining about their food to the point where I was going to tell them to either stop whining and eat it, or ask for something different the next time our waitress came by. That way everybody is happy, and I won't have to... umm... feign delight at getting movie certificates again.

Anyways, it's almost 3:30, so I should start to get ready to head out. Perhaps a bit early to visit Money Mart as well, but we'll see~

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