Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Boredom is a Big Problem

With supper shifts. Normally on closes I have just enough time after work to come home, make a snack, and do stuff online before going to bed, but with getting done at midnight or sooner (the past two nights have been 10pm), I finish up my normal stuff by 2am then am left with nothing to do, along with an increased feeling of tiredness from having woken up so early. Thankfully, I work 7-12 tonight, so at least I'll be coming home at a slightly more reasonable time (that is, if Steve doesn't ask me to stay and if so, under what circumstances he asks), but yeah. I'll be happy to have my closes back. Suppers are fun every once in a while simply for a one-day change of pace, but put two or more together and there are problems. On the same sort of note will be waking up at 1 on Wednesday to go to Heart and Stroke starting next week, but that's also only one day a week, and won't really affect anything as such.

Speaking of next week, Monday is a holiday, which means we get paid time and a half, and that will help towards saving some money for our trip to Mississauga this month. I stopped by the bank to check my balance yesterday, and if I'm figuring right, once Paypal finishes their transfers, I'll have ~$1,800, and we get paid twice before that weekend as well. Christmas presents may end up getting in the way of that, but to be honest I have no idea what I'll be getting for everybody else yet. This time of the year is generally fun though, because it seems there's always something to look forward to only two or three weeks away from the previous event. That I can think of right now, there's our family reunion, followed by Thanksgiving, then Halloween, then Adam's birthday, then my birthday, Christmas Eve / Christmas Day, then the same thing for New Years. Of course, in thinking about all those dates I'm getting about four months ahead of myself, but just to show what I mean <3

I think for this last hour though, I'm going to play games on my DS. I started Megaman Battle Network 2 again last night, and also downloaded Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box a couple days ago, so I could start that too. Then hopefully I'll end up on either front cash or float (helping where needed, but not on any specific position) at work tonight, although Steve works so it will probably be the former, and as for stopping to get snacks on the way home, probably not because I have a box of Timbits left from last night, but we'll see. Probably on Sunday or Monday for sure (I want to get a big bag of those Miss Vickie's Salt and Vinegar chips), but that might require me to go out to Sobeys. Mostly insignificant, but meh. It gives me something to think about~

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