Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Self-Importance Goes a Long Way

This. The first thing out of my mouth (aside from giggling at the part about watch spam) was "get over yourself". Really and truly, if there's one rule anybody should go by, it's that anything you do is not going to seem half as impressive to somebody else as it does to you. Better tailored to this situation, just because you think your skin is awesome doesn't mean everybody else will. I'll admit it's alright, and before seeing that comment I was going to download it as long as I could change the text colors, but some things are just too unbelievable to be true. Finding that actually came about from looking for a new Rainlendar skin, but for now the one I have will suffice, especially because I don't use the program that often to begin with.

That aside, today in general has been alright. Work was slow, and much more natural feeling starting at 7 instead of 5. I also got to leave an hour early which was nice, but I still have 5-12 tomorrow to worry about. Well, not so much worry because Steve starts at 5 too so we should be able to get stuff done, but 5-10 yesterday took long enough. Also, the timing is rather amusing, but I think I'm getting sick again, because my nose has been somewhat stuffed up for the past couple days, which is amusing because today's question asks what sort of remedies you use when ill. None come to mind here. Perhaps a Tylenol or cold pill before leaving for work, but nothing more specifically designed than that. I figure there's no sense buying medicine for something that will be gone within a couple days. Ideally, I would like to never have to buy medicine (other than Tylenol, which is strictly for the odd headache every now and then), but the best I can manage for now is to make do without to not only save money, but also for if, at some point in the future, I did need medicine to help me recover from some illness, I would know it was quite serious.

Given my luck, if I am getting sick it will probably be the worst this Wednesday, but Tuesday is what I care about the most, because I have it off, and would like to work on Battle Network 2 and possibly Red Joker, because I started a game on it tonight. For the former I'm just up to the beginning of the Okuden Valley area, and in Starforce 3 I'm just on the roof of the school at the beginning of the game, because I wanted to see about inputting white cards straight away. That didn't work (you can't even access the Brother menu), but I did find out that if you go into Mega's screen and tap / poke him 20, 40, and 60 times, you'll get three different reactions, which ultimately result in your game "freezing" for five seconds. Oh, and for Battle Network 2, I learned that loading the game in NOR mode makes it so that you don't have to write the .sav file to your microSD card next time you start the GBA loader in order to save your progress. That comes at the cost of said loader taking a good minute (at least) to write whatever game to the NOR memory, but after that you can run it instantly, and still have your old save data accessible if you should decide to load a different game.

Anyways, I should probably make an attempt to get to sleep sometime soon, what with having to wake up at 2 again tomorrow, but this is the last really early shift I have for 4 days. Sometime within the next few I also need to rework these instructions, because I'm still not satisfied with how rushed the endings are, but those and other things can wait for now. At least until Tuesday night when I don't have to worry about being anywhere~

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