Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Almost at the End

As mentioned at least a couple times previously, I finally get to work 8 - midnight tomorrow, followed by a day off then mostly going back to closes <3 Not to say work tonight was bad (aside from Steve ending up on line by himself and thus being way too vocal about the volume and size of the orders), but I strongly prefer what things were like before Thursday. On a somewhat related note though, a weird question that came to mind while I was cleaning the dining room.

Assuming we had need to, how could we allow only paying customers to use the bathrooms, without creating any additional work for ourselves or them? The very first thing that came to mind was RFID chips in the food. Not all of the food, because that would end up being redundant, but to cover most of the bases, fries, lettuce, drinks (either in the carbonated water, or attached to the bottom inside of each cup and released by immersion in liquid), and torts. That way, in eating their food they'll ingest the chip(s), as will anybody else they may have with them (in the case of a family or group of friends) and thus have access to the bathrooms for however long it takes for them to feel the need to go to the bathroom, up until they leave the store.

The same could be used against kids who ask request cups for water then take pop instead. Fix the machine so that there must be a chip within range of it to dispense pop, and have a special stack of small, untouched cups set aside for them.

It could work, and sure, it's not very practical or even close to promoting good customer relations, but I blame Starforce / Battle Network for making me think of that in the first place, because both those series' of games are set in futuristic worlds, and the lines along which I'm thinking are about the same. Speaking of customer relations though, I swear. I do enjoy ruining all of Steve's hard built-up stonewalling by replacing whatever item(s) without question if somebody should come into the dining room and angrily show us their food and point out what was wrong with it, but I seriously will not stand for him being so difficult on the phone when I end up having to deal with those customers when they come in.

Tonight it was a lady who ordered a crunchwrap with chicken instead of beef. She said there wasn't any chicken on it, and Steve told her close to ten times that he had made it, and knew it had chicken when it went out the window. She ended up coming in around quarter to 11, and being on front cash, I was promptly given attitude about there being no chicken on it, and she even went so far as to take it out of the bag, open it up, and show me. I advised her that if there was chicken on it, it would be underneath the tostada, and she poked through the lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream angrily as if to say "There's none here!" So I said once again "It would be underneath", so she lifted the tostada up, then went off on some tangent about how we should never put it underneath because nobody looks under there while going off to get a napkin. In the end, I made her a new one and put both a pie and twist in the bag, because the idea is to send them away happy so they don't call back in the morning and complain about us, but honestly.

Another non work-related but still fun to think about thing is this question. My answer right now is obviously no, but the idea of doing that is really appealing. Just the thought of going out with no destination and no reason to hurry back home is awesome to think about. When I think about it though, I see myself driving at night, all alone except for streetlights and signs along the road, with whatever music I feel like listening to blaring, and, although slightly cliched, getting lost in the moment. I have reason to believe there's something I've been putting off or suppressing for a long time, and part of the reason for that is it requires complete privacy, lest you start being asked "What's wrong?", and being in a vehicle on your own, on some random road in the dead of the night with music playing to drown out any other noise is about the closest I can think of to complete privacy.

Along the same line of thinking I have a second submission in another tab open right now titled "The Saddest Song You Ever Heard?", and I've read the comments up to one that links to two songs going by the names of "Plea from a Cat Named Virtute" and "Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure". I started watching / listening to the first one, but only got about halfway through. I'm more or less indifferent to sad songs about people. They're sad, sure, but the two about Virtute the cat (judging by the titles, at least) seem so much moreso. Perhaps you would call me an animal empathizer, but I'll make no claims against that. If those songs are like how the titles make them sound, I don't think I'd be able to listen to them all the way through without getting emotional. Having said that, my answer (insofar as that it's an audio file) would be this. It was also on Reddit a while back, and while it isn't so much sad as creepy, it definitely is chilling.

Anyways, this entry is really starting to go the wrong way which I'm going to say is because it's quarter after 6 already, so it's time I went to bed, and then hopefully sleep in longer than 2 tomorrow afternoon~

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