Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Looking Forward to Tomorrow

For two reasons this time. First of all, I thought getting up at 2pm for work was bad, yet I have to set my alarm for 1pm whenever I go to bed tonight for Heart and Stroke in the afternoon. I'm really not looking forward to that for having to get up so early, but it should also be at least somewhat fun getting back into the swing of things there, and also showing them that while I'm willing to abide by their request for me to not be seen with my tail and ears in the office, there's effectively no way in hell they'll be stopping me from walking there like that. Oh, and I also need to see about listening to music on my PSP, but most of the time last year there was another volunteer at the other front desk to answer the phone, or Michele would take care of it, so meh.

Secondly, either I'm getting sick again, or whatever causes me to wake up sneezing only a couple hours after I've fallen asleep has returned. Annoying either way, but it's better than starting to become sick in a couple weeks, just in time for our trip to Mississauga. Part of me wants to suspect Adam, because there's a box of Kleenex on the computer table downstairs where he usually sits, but it could just as likely have come from a customer at work, so oh well.

Speaking of the trip, I finally remembered to ask Mom where we'd be staying the night earlier, and she said at Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob's house, because there's lots of room there. Really more effective than staying at a hotel, mostly for the cost, but also, in regards to my plans, all the places I've looked up locations for so far have been near their house, and in staying there, heading out at my usual time should be no more than a matter of either letting Aunt Patty / Uncle Rob know of my plans in advance, and asking if I could borrow a house key, or just having Naomi or Adam lock the door behind me until I returned. I'm also looking forward to it for the reason I think I mentioned once or twice before, but at any rate, because last time I went to one of those get-togethers it was just over a year ago at Aunt Carol and Uncle Brent's place, and for most of the day I was sitting around being depressed (although my excuse was tiredness), so I also want to make up for that, then also possibly cause a bit of drama by walking in there with tail and ears and getting confrontational if / when somebody asks Mom or Dad "You're letting him do that?" I love my family (both extended and immediate), but I've been through enough in the past couple years that won't take that sort of cowardice <3

Oh, and on the same sort of note, for anybody who would know the answer, there is Sierra Blvd and Islington Ave here They live on Sierra, which is irrelevant in this case, but is Islington Ave the same one referred to in "Islington furmeet"? That would be an interesting coincidence ^^;

There's still a couple weeks to go before that though, which leaves plenty of time for work and other things. Last night was dead, almost entirely due to it being a holiday, but we still had fun. For one, I possess the unique ability to set the drive through off by standing on the platform outside, so I did that when I first got there and tried to order two family packs (which were actually rung in before Tryphena realized it was me) then several hours after that to Marissa, who scolded me for interrupting her dishwashing :B Unfortunately, it was so dead that George was sent home at 10, then Steve told me I could leave a half hour early as well, but I opted to stay until midnight, so hopefully they honor the amount of time we worked instead of saying "They should've sent staff home" and trying to even things out by cutting what we worked back.

Anyways, I think for now I'll go back to playing Battle Network 2 or whatever else. Last night I ended up going to bed at 4:30 because I was so tired, but I slept for almost ten hours, so hopefully that's enough to keep me going until 6~

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