Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now I'm Not Sure

Originally my plans for tonight were to go to The Bargain Shop before work, but we just got back from grocery shopping, where I spent about $45, so I don't know about going anymore. For what it's worth, I bought two boxes of Ah Caramel snacks, and a large stuffed white tiger similar to the normal colored one I have already. My only other planned spending aside from The Bargain Shop would be tomorrow night at McDonalds, because I have one coupon left and want to get a Flurry, and taking all of that into account with having given Mom and Dad their money for this month before we left earlier, I'll have spent approximately $300. Out of $470 this week, so chances are I'll use that $70 for the next two weeks and save the remaining hundred for our trip at the end of the month.

Actually, I did also spend about $25 on medicine for the aforementioned problem at Shoppers last night, so I'll just have to check my balance either before or after work and go from there. Said medication seems to have worked though, thankfully, but I'm not quite certain as to whether or not the problem is gone for good (barring reinfection). There were twelve pills in the box, and the directions said to take one pill per 25 pounds of body weight. By that logic, I'd take somewhere around eight (it's been a long time since I last checked my weight, so I'm both guessing and assuming that it hasn't changed a whole lot since), but instead I went with three. Interestingly though, I didn't start sneezing immediately after I woke up this morning, so maybe the two problems are / were related... Then again, it could also be because I took a cold pill at work last night as well (which made me incredibly sluggish for all but the last hour of the night), but one way or the other, hopefully I don't have anything else to worry about before now.

Also, I woke up this afternoon to see an email from Chesh saying she'll be working on my ears next week, and they'll be in the mail no later than Friday, which brings my total of items I'm expecting in the mail up to five. A Mario hat and calendar from Nintendo (which we're supposed to be receiving emails by the end of the month regarding), along with a guides for Megaman Battle Network 2, 4, 5, and 6, a "complete works" book for Starforce 1 through 3, the Christmas present mentioned several days ago, and now those ears. Perhaps a bit excessive, and hopefully none of them come with any customs fees (if any will, it'll be the Christmas present), but they should start arriving next week, which isn't too far away considering it's Thursday.

Finally, work tonight. Mary seems to think we'll be fine with just her and I after 11 or 12, because it wasn't busy last Thursday. Sure, she may end up being right, but by god, I cannot wait until she realizes that things for us don't go exactly the same as they do in Windsor. Sooner or later she's going to realize that while I'm not opposed to following new rules, I do have certain ways I like things to be done as well, such as being on line last night and clearing all the orders from the board on the left before they were done. If I'm the only one up there, then I only need them in one place, and frankly, it seems sort of ironic that you'd want us to leave them up there until they're finished when one of our main concerns is supposed to be keeping the times down. More or less, you're welcome to run line the way you want when you're on it, but if I am, please don't expect me to conform to your standards. Manager or not, even, because while I haven't seen Mary clean line yet, I know both Steve and Manoah leave it much dirtier looking than I do.

Anyways, on that note I should probably get ready to leave for work, and hope that it isn't busy tonight. Such is the common wish, but it comes true about half of the time~

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