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Karadur Inacu 

I Really Hope that's It

One main thing to write about for tonight, because it's after 5 already and my next shift starts in twelve hours.

Closing with Mary. Dear god. It started with having to count a till for drive through while I was busy getting the walk-in tided up and ready for the order. It was to be expected though, because she put herself on it last night, so meh. Then a couple hours after that while I was washing dishes, she came back and sort of yelled at me about a couple things (apparently we absolutely must ask customers for their orders within 5 seconds, instead of saying "I'll be with you in just a minute" and walking up to the front), but I also deserved that because they were all things I know, but that nobody seems to care enough about everybody else following. Then we closed, and the real fun started. I counted off my till first and came up with it being eleven cents over, but instead of just signing the report and letting me put everything in the safe, she just had to count the drop to make sure. Sort of a slap in the face, because I'm nowhere near stupid enough to try and manipulate my till (and even if it was short, I had about $5 worth of change in my wallet), but once again, meh.

After that, I busied myself with doing dishes, and just as I'd finished them, we heard the delivery truck pull in. I walked up front to make sure she had everything done on line, only to see her sitting on the floor counting the safe. She said the grill still needed to be cleaned, but that's the responsibility of the line closer, so her in this case. As such, I went to the back to wait for the order, and ended up going to the front again a few minutes later because a different driver came tonight and he was taking a long time pulling in, and once again, she said "The grill needs to be done" as if I should be doing it. I told her that I was assuming she would, since she'd been on line, and she got this annoyed look on her face and said "Y'know what? Just forget it."

No Mary. Don't even start with me. Manager or not, by putting me on drive through, are committing yourself to line, which includes cleaning the grill at the end of the night. I did it in the end, which was probably for the best because I'd hate to see her try, but seriously. Then after that, I put almost the entire order away while she walked around with the delivery slip asking me if everything had been brought in. Oh, wait. She did put the stuff at the back away, which was comprised of fries, pies, flatbread, and possibly chicken and steak. Then I had to bring some fries that couldn't be put in the freezer up to the walk-in because they were too heavy for her.

Honestly, I wonder if she was ever fully trained on how to close, or just put on them one week with another manager for a couple then left on her own from there.

Management or not, I get along with most of the other staff at that place, but the one thing about all of them is they respect seniority. Just because you're a manager does not mean I'm suddenly going to bend to everything you say. I have at least three years of experience with closes to back me up, and you? As far as I know, the only reason you're on them now is because you don't get along with Ang during the day, but I also suspect they're tired of getting complaints about Steve, and are taking him off closes so he can be more closely monitored. All you have to say is "I'm new to closing, so please be patient with me". Otherwise, if you've been there longer than me, chances are I'll listen to you, but if not, you'd better be prepared to back up whatever you're saying with at least one reason why.

Oh, and as for what I said earlier about Steve and Manoah not cleaning line very well, Mary is the same. Hot line still had nacho cheese stuck in the corners, along with peppers, salsa, and ranch dressing being left underneath, as well as the water and juice under mini (because the fridges on main line are broken), and pies in the cabinet.

What's more, at the end of the night, after the whole order had been taken care of and I'd changed, I asked if we were going to sweep the floors again, because I thought they needed it. Her response? [expletive] it. It's 4:30 in the morning, so they can do that when they come in tomorrow."

As such, it fills me with great joy to say that after tomorrow, Manoah appears to be taking over closes, so hopefully Mary won't be put back on them for some time. I do, unfortunately, see her for about three hours between 8 and 11 tomorrow night, but there will be more staff working than just her and I by then.

A concise way to say it is that I know what I'm doing on closes. If forces were to cooperate against me and make it so that I had to close on my own one night, I could, and the store would still be as clean as normal, and I'm not about to let somebody micromanage my work just because they have a (light) purple shirt and manager keys. That's not to say I'm going to boss around anybody who's been there for less time than me, but rather expect them to pull their own weight on whichever position they're given.

Aside from that, it was a decent night. The "bean burrito guy" (as we call him) came through after a long period of absence, and his second question at the window (after "How have you been?") was asking me if I had a tattoo of leopard spots on my back, because he thought he'd seen me out walking somewhere. Then his debit card was declined so he had to run across the street to the bank, but it happens. I haven't yet gone to the bank to check my balance (probably tomorrow night after I go to McDonalds), but it will now be down another $6 because I went to The Bargain Shop up by Bulk Barn to look for the cushions I saw at the one way out on Queen, and ended up buying two containers of chocolate covered fruit (one blueberries, the other strawberries) instead. That means I'll have to go out to the other one sooner or later, but I might do that on Tuesday after helping Michele with that flyer at Heart and Stroke.

Anyways, it's now 6am, so I should probably go to bed. Working 5-11 tomorrow, and chances are I'll hear about tonight from Melissa, because Mary already has to call her later this morning to make sure the drive through menu board is locked, but whatever. I'll deal with that if and when, and should something really bad end up happening, I'm not going down without a fight because I'm not the only one who doesn't follow all the rules~

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