Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Second Time in a Row

A package came in the mail for me today, but once again, it's being held at Shoppers for me to pick up after 1pm tomorrow because there was no answer. Thus my plans have changed from waking up at 2 and leaving for Heart and Stroke an hour later to waking up at 1, leaving for Shoppers at 2, and going to Heart and Stroke from there, because I don't know how late their post office is open, and I don't want to risk going out to The Bargain Shop first then heading to Shoppers on the way home only to find that it's closed. I also don't want to walk all the way out there if they no longer have the cushions I'm thinking of (the store by Bulk Barn didn't), so hesitancy is also due to waiting until there's something else out that way I want to get. No sense overcomplicating things right now though, because I might end up changing my mind by tomorrow afternoon for all I know.

That, additionally, is only one of two packages that I know have been shipped as well, so maybe the second will show up tomorrow, but given precedent it would arrive in the form of another delivery notice, and I'd probably spend several extra minutes at Shoppers trying to figure out why I have to wait until the next day to pick up a package that, for all intents and purposes, they should have available the same day it was delivered. I'm sure they have their reasons, but without knowing them it doesn't really make much sense.

Moving on, amusing things tonight. One in a good way, the other bad, and given how I started with negative stuff last night, I might as well begin with the good in this entry.

The "Good" Thing] A submission linking to a video that shows how construction cranes are built. Do take the six minutes to watch it, because the movie is rather interesting, and also make sure your speakers are turned on and up so you can take note of the music as well. After watching it myself, I thought "I liked that song! I wonder if anybody else thinks the same way and posted a link to the MP3 in the comments?" As it turned out, the closest I could find was this, but seeing somebody else interested in it, and having the track info available on the Youtube page, I set about to find an MP3 on my own.

In the end, I was able to, and it can be found here, but see the number of downloads? 27! Considering the only response to my comment was from the guy who originally asked what the name of the song was, I have to wonder where the other 26 came from. My best guess is unregistered lurkers for some, then for the rest, people who did like the song, but were too afraid to say so after seeing the other comments bashing it. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but those are the two options that come to mind right now. As for the amusing part / why it's good, it's funny to think of people getting so caught up in what others think of them like that. Now, in fairness I was the same way not too long ago, but I also like to think I've changed significantly since then, and that sort of reluctance is no longer part of me.

The Bad Thing] Also on Reddit, take a look at this post. Do make sure to watch that movie as well, because it's pretty awesome, but scan through the comments on Reddit afterwards and notice all of them that are doing nothing more than gawking at the girl. Is that all that matters these days? Evidently, it is to some people... Thankfully, the comments now have progressed from what they were when I saw that earlier today which sort of negates the need for this paragraph, but in general, I realize sex sells and that's almost certainly the idea behind the title of the submission, but at least in this case, that girl has enough talent that her gender shouldn't matter for anything. Unless, of course, there's some sort of stigma that says girls like her normally wouldn't be so talented, but that's getting just a bit too far off track now.

As for other things, this entry might end up being finished quite shortly, because it's after 6am already, and I have to get up early tomorrow. Tonight has been okay overall though, aside from getting a bit frustrated with Battle Network 6 (having difficulties fighting select viruses when I can beat all the others just fine), although one thing I realized is that I've yet to put a single Mega card into my folder, and haven't had any problems with the bosses. That game aside, I went out to 7-11 earlier (as you might expect), but only bought a couple things that I'd planned on going there to get, so I don't feel quite as bad about that.

Tomorrow night could end up being the same, because I'm thinking about either Tim Hortons or McDonalds (just to get a Flurry if I go there), but before that is Heart and Stroke, so I should probably get some sleep~

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