Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Probably a Good Thing

Beat Battle Network 6 tonight after restarting the fight with Falzar about eight times, but once again, without using any Mega chips whatsoever, throughout the whole game at that. Even better, not using any of the crosses / beast out either. Sure, there were a couple exceptions to that one, but easily in less than 1% of all the viruses and bosses I fought. I'd started going through the job / request BBS earlier, but am stuck on one that requires to you have a DolThundr1 A chip, and of course I have several with other chip codes (one was Q), but apparently those aren't good enough ;_; Thus I've given up on it for tonight again, because running around in the area where the viruses you get that chip from are was getting frustrating. That aside though, I think Battle Network 6 might now actually be the first game in the series I've legitimately beaten. I have played through all of them at one point or another in the past on our old computer, but all of those times were either with a guide, or with using cheats, or even both.

Heart and Stroke today wasn't bad, aside from having to wake up so godforsakenly early again (I really would've loved nothing more than to have curled back up in bed until 4 or so earlier this afternoon), but instead of having me help with the volunteer BBQ flyer, Michele had me continue one of the other volunteers' work which was going through all the P2P route sheets from last year, and typing all the canvasser information into address labels. In about two and a half hours, I was able to get ten pages done when the other volunteer had only managed to complete three, so that's fun, but also good because I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. That is, assuming I'm not still exhausted and almost violently opposed to getting up again, but I ended up getting about an hour of sleep in three naps upon coming home earlier. Such wasn't my intention, but laying down on my bed and resting my head on the pillow felt so comfortable, and I just had to close my eyes to complete the feeling, and next thing I knew I was opening my eyes to see the wall instead of my fan, and wondering if I had really fallen asleep <3 Unfortunately, the problem with that tomorrow is obviously having to work, but that leads to a certain sort of irony, in that the only days I can really look forward to sleeping in now are those I work on. Then again, I shouldn't complain because before I know it December will be here, and I'll have a couple weeks off for the holidays.

Sort of on that note, the package I received a delivery slip for yesterday was a guide for the first Megaman Starforce, which is sort of amusing because I didn't even remember buying it until searching my GMail for the sender's name. Such is also good though, because it means there's a chance two other packages will be arriving this week, then if I could figure out what everybody else might like for Christmas, I could have more stuff on the way too. Maybe I can glean one or two ideas at our family reunion next weekend, possibly on the way there as well, but I'll likely be listening to music / playing games most of the way. As for the trip itself, even though I've said it several times already, I still can't help but get this wide grin on my face when I think of just driving there and back / going out for a walk to wherever after supper and things have calmed down somewhat. I really don't know why either, which I guess is the reason I can't stop thinking about it, but I will have my chance to do those things before too long.

Otherwise, I think it's time for bed right now (5:20), even though it's a bit early, but just to ensure tomorrow afternoon goes better. That is, right after I find another online alarm clock, because Avast won't stop complaining whenever I try to go to the one I used to use. Oh well. If nothing else, I have several DSes to set the alarms on, and they've done the job fine before~

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