Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What Have I Done?

Even after going on last night about being so opposed to waking up early for Heart and Stroke, I sent Michele an email about two hours ago saying I could come in tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon from 3 to 5 if she wanted. That's after having finished my job of making address labels today too (almost sixteen pages done in three hours), so if she says yes, I'll hopefully be helping with this flyer I've heard so much about, and in so doing will hopefully not have to go in more than just on Wednesday next week. Reason being is that I went to work tonight expecting to close through to Friday. Three shifts on then two off isn't bad, and finally Manoah is back on closes and we get along way better than Mary and I do. However, due to it not being as busy as expected when the schedule was made, my shift tomorrow was canceled, and as much as I'd like to stay home and just sleep in, the odds of such aren't great with having woken up earlier than normal the past two days, so I figured I would send that email and see where it goes.

The way I'm figuring things, if she says yes, I'll use my time after finishing up there to do the other things I've been meaning to, then later at night go out to McDonalds so I can finally get a Flurry. After all, I finally went to the bank after work tonight to check my balance, and found it to be $1,899 (and some cents), minus about $30 spent last night, so I still have a little room to work with. Going there was promptly followed up with heading all the way out to Michener to get home for the first time in quite a while, but it's been a fun night all around, because work was slow, and I've just finished completing several more requests in Battle Network 6, since I finally acquired the chip I needed earlier this afternoon. Then eating KD and sitting at the kitchen table reading stuff on here, but simple pleasures like that are well worth it <3

Also, counting tomorrow I have nine days off within the next two weeks, which I'm really sort of amazed at (in a bad way), but I need the break. Without it, I am going to end up yelling at Melissa or Mary or Manoah or some other employee there and get into trouble, so hopefully by having days off (especially for that trip), I can remember what it feels like to not constantly worry about work-related matters, and try to keep on that track upon returning. It's really nothing serious, but Mary has herself up on this pedestal for some reason, and everybody else is talking about Melissa as if she's some sort of god too. Things with scheduling and seniority and sending staff home early when they don't want to go. As before, it's not the job I dislike - it's the people. Some of them, at any rate. Or maybe I'm just being too self-important on my own, but I would be more inclined to not believe that as of yet.

The one thing I know for sure is I need to go to bed though, but not before putting one song I just downloaded on my PSP. One thing that makes any amount of time go by faster is music, and as long as I keep finding new songs, there won't be any problems~

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