Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Today Has Been a Bust

Most recently, I've been looking online for Christmas presents again, and only after finding something I was sure would be liked realized I was thinking of the family member I've already purchased something for, and I'm not about to give them one on their birthday then another at Christmas, because that'd create a precedent of giving gifts on birthdays, and I don't want that. Aside from that, when I first woke up Michele had sent me a reply to say that yes, I should come in at 3. That was at 1:30, so I spent my time doing other things for a bit, then at about quarter after 2, received a second, different email from her saying I didn't need to come in after all, because she had been busy all morning and didn't have a chance to get what she was going to have me do ready.

So I figured "Meh. I'll go out to The Bargain Shop anyways, just to have done something with my day." However, that didn't happen, because I convinced myself that the cushion I want really isn't necessary (the only reason I even have a desire to buy it is because it's yellow and has these raised spots that could possibly be construed as leopard-like markings), so I'm not going to even think of going out there again until after our trip, at least, because I have plenty of smaller pillows here should I want to bring one along for the ride home. After that, I sort of wandered around my room for a bit thinking about cleaning and vacuuming it, but decided not to do that because I couldn't figure out where to put some things that were on my floor, so instead I went downstairs and asked Mom and Dad if either of them had enough time to take me out to Value Village and McDonalds. Towards the former, I needed a new belt for outside of work, because the other one would have ended up breaking sooner or later, and I'd prefer to be proactive where possible. As for McDonalds, I merely wanted a Flurry there, so we took care of both of those, then came back home.

A couple hours after that I got the urge to go out to 7-11, but instead ended up walking into Richmond Convenience, because it's been a long time (more or less a decade) since I've been there, and I wanted to see if they had anything to offer over going across the street. Nothing in particular, aside from large bags of Miss Vickies chips, which buying one of turned out to be a bad idea anyways (the chips were fine, but let's just say they leave an odd odor on the way out) so I won't be going there again any time soon. That was followed by coming back home and playing Battle Network 6 for a bit, then randomly thinking to look for a ROM of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, only to find there's copy protection on it, and the odds of a workaround being released for R4DSes is slim, along with the fact that compared with other flashcarts these days, they're outdated. So I bought an Acekard, at an expense of ~$25, then a guide for Starforce 2 after that because there was still a limited time offer going on for it which brought the price down to $4. Now that I've purchased those two items, these are all the things I can think of that should be on their way:

-] Megaman Battle Network 2, 4, 5, and 6 guides
-] Christmas present #1 (I'll upload a friends-only picture when it arrives)
-] Shooting Star Rockman / Megaman Starforce Official Complete Works book
-] Beaded animal print keychain
-] Beaded animal print bracelet
-] Acekard
-] Shooting Star Rockman 2 / Megaman Starforce 2 guide
-] Ears from Chesh
-] Mario hat and 2010 calendar from Nintendo

Those are in the order I expect them to show up, but yeah. That's a bit much when I list them all like that, especially when all but one is for me.

In fairness, you could say I have done something with my day, but not much in the way of productiveness. Such is why I'm thankful I close tomorrow, but as for Saturday and Sunday, I'm thinking on Saturday I should walk out to Value Village and look for at least one new pair of jeans, then to Canadian Tire to pick up some garbage bags to use for my room. Not that there's anything wrong with the pail, but I have a tendency to let the pail fill up then start piling stuff around it, which only leads to the bag in the pail becoming too full to tie, and I'm not about to keep stealing garbage bags from work when I can pick up a box of 100 for ~$5. The thing about that is I thought of those ideas right after I drank a bottle of Pepsi, which is about as effective as energy drinks for me these days, so I might not have the same amount of desire or energy to go out walking on Saturday. There is, however, one slight problem with that statement, but I'm putting off mentioning it until the end of the month, just for safety.

Speaking of which, there was a new note at work last night regarding our next promotion. Apparently we're sticking to selling Volcano Tacos, but they're bringing in game cards which we all have to attend another staff meeting to be trained for. The book in the office made them sound like nothing more than scratch and win cards, but apparently that still requires training, and most likely a stern warning that they'll be counted on each shift, and if any go missing, there will be trouble. At least judging by Melissa's recent track record, but we'll see.

In regards to other things, I took this picture earlier tonight just to show off the few I have now, although one amusing fact about them is I've used all of three, maybe four, to beat their respective games. The rest were either bought after the fact, or along with the game figuring that I might need them and wanting to take advantage of the discount. I need to take a new one of my desktop sometime soon too, but it's still a bit cluttered, and for some reason I can't bring myself to do so unless I can think of something to say about it other than "I think it looks good". One thing I will need to do before that though is change the background and text colors of the command prompts to be consistent, then possibly also change the few custom folder icons I have set right now to be red instead of pink. Not that there's anything wrong with pink, but it and brown don't look that great together.

I think it will be bedtime now though. At least after I take care of the command prompt colors. Then tomorrow, work, and not a whole lot else aside from sleeping in if I'm able to. Michele wants to know if I can come in more than one day next week (as might be expected), so I can't get too carried away, but it would be nice to not wake up for the day at 1pm for once. Stuff might come in the mail too, but at any rate bed, then seeing what tomorrow brings whenever I wake up. As per usual, but there aren't many other options~

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