Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Much Better than Yesterday

Plans for today sort of worked out. Went to Staples and Value Village, where I purchased an 8GB memory stick for my PSP, along with a pair of pants and a t-shirt. I must have looked through the racks of pants five times trying to find some that looked decent, but in the end I only came away with one. Those three things did set me back about $100, although to be fair I was expecting the memory stick to be $80 before taxes, but they were ten dollars cheaper than that. I was also, predictably, fighting with myself about going to 7-11 earlier (if only for bold mint Tic Tacs and a new bottle of Tylenol), but should the urge strike me tomorrow, I'll go to Tim Hortons. That or make eggs here because I haven't had them in a while, but I'll likely still convince myself to get Timbits or something as well. I know I've said it before, but it just doesn't feel like a day off without.

I did, however, not go to Canadian Tire, because my current reasoning is that while boxes of garbage bags may only be ~$5, if I can take two or three at a time from work without anybody noticing or caring, I might as well do that. Such was one of my plans for last night, but thanks to being busy with either drive through or dishes until about 3:30, I completely forgot. The whole night didn't go as well as I'd hoped though, because on top of that, I was playing PSPRevolution while waiting for my shift to start as normal, when they apparently decided it was getting busier than the staff they had working could handle on their own. As a result, right near the end of Mungyodance 3's Boss Rush song (about a minute before the last Destination part), both Steve and Sheila asked if I could start early, and were curtly told that no, I was busy. Honestly. Although Sheila didn't say anything about the note I left her about being unable to watch her dogs in December, so meh. There's just as much chance that it slipped her mind with all the orders as that she just didn't have anything to say in the first place. I did manage to beat the song though (which makes two of at least twenty attempts), so my result can be seen here.

In other unrelated news, I received an email from Chesh tonight saying that my second pair of ears were finished, and that they'd be sent out by Tuesday night at latest, so they'll be here the first or second week of October (going by my figuring). On a different note, her email reminded me about still needing to tell Michele when I can go in next week, and I think I'll just say Tuesday and Wednesday again. I work Monday and Wednesday, then have until Tuesday after that off, but that still makes for a full week. Monday I'll be working, Tuesday I'll be at Heart and Stroke, Wednesday work again, Thursday grocery shopping, Friday hair cuts, then Saturday leaving for our trip. That doesn't bode well for nighttime, sure, but I can always find something to do around here. Speaking of which, I think this will be done now so I can try to push a box of old Reader's Digest magazines under my bed. I haven't the heart to throw them out, but the pile of stuff at the end of my bed is unsightly, so I'd like to get rid of (or hide) some of it~

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