Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Nightly Walk Would do Good

Normally going to and coming home from work is enough, but then there come days that I have off and spend the entirety of in the house, and by the end of the night I'm bored to the point of wanting to go to bed because there's nothing to do. Tonight is no exception, so maybe next time I feel the same way, I'll go out for a ten or twenty minute walk, just for a change of pace. Not necessarily for snacks either, which ended up being true tonight, because by the time I decided to go out to Tim Hortons, it was midnight so I figured they wouldn't have anything worth buying. Simply put, boredom leads to irritability, and irritability leads to many other feelings I don't want to delve into right now but are nonetheless unpleasant. This could be nothing new though, because there was a trend in the past where a week or so before some event I was anticipating, I'd get sick or have some other problem come up, and we have our trip this weekend, which would certainly qualify.

Before that though, working two days, going to Heart and Stroke twice, then grocery shopping, and going to Tilbury to get our hair cut, on the day before we leave which sort of sucks because I think my hair looks better when it's medium length to long (distances are according to my standards). I still need to write down some short directions for the weekend as well, but they mostly come down to taking Sierra Blvd to Constitution, and Constitution to Dundas St East, then turning left and walking until I see whatever places I want to visit. Either that or keep an eye out for street names as we're driving in, which a simple screenshot of Google Maps will help immensely with.

Those things aside, I had another dream of being at MFF last night, and they in general are starting to get weird, because it's been almost a year since, but I'm still dreaming about that con. Anyways the details are as follows.

I remember walking up the stairwell to our room, which was on the 6th floor (as it was in real life), but for some reason, the stairs only went to the fifth floor, but I somehow knew there was a second staircase that led up to the higher floors over by the elevators, so I exited the first stairwell and walked down the hallway. I remember the door to the second being larger and heavier than the other one for some reason, but I pushed it open anyways, and was surprised to find myself in a small meeting room, where two men were sitting. I nodded to them, and one turned to ask me where I had come from, so I explained that there was a con going on downstairs, and he asked "So what are you then?", gesturing to my tail and ears. I said "A snow leopard", and he sat back for a moment, seemingly satisfied, before leaning forward again and asking "So what's this all about?" I can't remember what my answer was, or if I even made it out of that room, because I woke up. Having a fan on (or some other sort of background noise) is pretty much crucial to me getting a good night's sleep (barring extreme exhaustion), and last night I neglected to turn either on before going to bed for whatever reason.

My dreams commonly end that way though. I'll be headed for some particular room of a building, but will never make it there for one reason or another. In the dream above, there was one of those small curved staircases in the corner of the room that led up to another floor, but it was too small compared to the stairs you normally find in stairwells, and the general air of the meeting room made it feel like there was only a second floor to it above.

Or, in the case of another dream, I'll be in a stairwell where the walls are brown and the stairs are green (random details), but it will be divided into four quadrants. The upper left will simply be a miniature staircase that spirals down right to the ground floor, except much too small to even think about squeezing into. The upper right and lower left I will not get a good look at (so we'll assume they were covered over), and the lower right will be made of a mish-mash of other broken up stairs that would never be navigable due to them either being squeezed together, pivoted at extreme angles, or even possibly ending abruptly before the ground floor, without any exits along the way. Think of stairs that you would have to lay flat on your stomach to crawl down, but weren't remotely close to being uniform.

Actually sort of scary to think about, but by the time those dreams get that far I'll usually have realized I am dreaming, and will wake up.

Anyways, this will probably end in the usual way now, because it's just about 6, and I'm starting to become just a little beyond tired. Tomorrow, work, where I need to grab at least one garbage bag, then maybe vacuum when I get home (I was going to today, but put it off because some stuff is currently taking up space on the floor and I can't dispose of it until tomorrow). It's also the beginning of a new week so I might go downstairs and see at least one package on the counter, just as likely not because only one thing came last week and I forgot it had been sent out. Sooner or later I will stop ending my entries this way, but until I start writing them in the afternoon, the last thing on my mind will always be going to bed. And rambling too, but both of them will be taken care of right now~

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