Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Much for That

My plans for tomorrow afternoon now consist of going to Heart and Stroke, followed by Value Village, then other normal things (at least for Tuesday) after that. Those pants I bought on Saturday? I know for a fact they fit well enough in the changing room, but when I tried putting them on to wear to work tonight, they wouldn't pull up past my thighs. There was still plenty of room to move around in them, and they weren't at all tight, but it's almost as if they were meant to expose a portion of your torso when worn. Although, going back there might not be completely necessary, because I still have that pair of black jeans I picked up so long ago that fit, but I can't stand the thought of wearing black pants for some reason. It just seems there's no color that would go well with them that doesn't evoke the wrong feeling - either not casual enough, or too dark-feeling.

I would also like to visit Charlie's Variety for snacks, because I haven't been there since Josh moved to London. Speaking of him, apparently he was down the other day but everybody else thought I was sleeping while was here, thus we missed seeing each other, but whatever. I didn't even know he had been down until he was long gone, so I couldn't have done very much. Manoah mentioned the same thing on the way home from work tonight though, going so far as to say that he had talked to Ang and Steve at work, who say he looked as if he'd just walked out of a western movie. Somewhat surprising for Josh, but to each their own, I guess. Especially because I wouldn't be one to talk ^^;

On a different note, as I was on my way out the door to work earlier, Naomi told me that Aunt Patty said I could bring my laptop with me this weekend. First of all sure. I didn't even ask her, and still planned on bringing it, because we're staying overnight, and if nothing else I want it for background noise while I sleep. That statement did get me to thinking even further, however, in that what would have to happen for her to say no? They would have to be so financially strapped for cash that they were using the bare minimum of electricity, and if that were the case, I hardly doubt they'd be hosting a family get-together. Sleeping might still be an issue while I think of it, but only in the sense that when I fall asleep on the road (as in, while inside a moving vehicle) waking up again is so terribly difficult. Maybe it's just the fresh air that makes me want to stay asleep, but this comes in when you realize my sleeping schedule won't vary much from what it is right now, but we'll be on the road according to what Mom and Dad are used to. Although thinking about it in a bit more detail, their reasoning for staying overnight is that they don't want to have to drive home in the dark, so for all I know they could be planning to leave Mississauga the same time we'll leave Chatham to get there. Or more likely, I'm just overthinking things at this point, but such is why the idea of taking a trip on my own is so much more appealing than going with family and thus creating four more potential points of failure. There was one weekend a very, very long time ago where we were going to go to Ontario Place in Toronto, but had to stop in London and stay overnight because Naomi got sick and had to stay at the hospital. That's what I'm thinking of, but I've also said plenty enough on this topic.

Having said that, the only other thing I can think of right now is work. Tonight was mostly okay, aside from some guy coming through about an hour after I started and trying to pay for his order with a gift card. Despite his repeated statements that his grandmother had just given it to him, it was repeatedly declined, prompting him to go off on this apparent guilt trip about how the same thing happened last time he bought one, and how he had to call the customer service number to get his money back. Melissa can take care of that tomorrow, but in my own opinion, the gift cards suck and they never should have gotten rid of the certificates in favor of them. Also, some guy started pounding on the window after we'd closed and presented a very good argument about how Taco Bell's TV commercials advertised their stores as being open "'till 2am or later", but that still does not apply to us. Of course, if Melissa gets wind of that we probably will be open the extra hour before too long, but the odds of that happening are unlikely, and I also need to go to bed, both because it's quarter to 6, and I'm also not going to continue writing about work related stuff because it's starting to bore even me.


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