Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Going to Happen

Heather gave me some pamphlet / envelope things for a fund raising drive they're organizing, where the items being sold are little glass angels. She wants me to put them up somewhere at work to hopefully have some customers be interested in them, but no. If you want to take them there yourself and ask, go ahead, but as I work there, you won't be, how to say... getting me to do the legwork for you. They're in the recycling bin now as such, and if anybody asks about them next week, I'll make up some sort of story. Also, when I came home yesterday I thought I'd be doing the same thing I was then this afternoon, but no. Kit ended up having work for me, which was going through the exact same file to make sure it matched some other spreadsheets she had. That task is finished now, but it had gotten rather irritating by the end. I've helped with the P2P stuff for several years now, so I recognize a fair few of the names, and know how they're spelled (or at least the spelling of them over the past three years), yet she or somebody else decides not to double check what they type, and misspell things or not take the time to ensure that all abbreviations are consistent, and it gets really messy. Oh, and just now I remember about forgetting to change one of the options in Excel back, but I highly doubt they'll notice.

Aside from that though, one package came today, which was my bracelet, inside a box that was far too large considering the size of the item inside it, so now I have a hell of a lot of packing peanuts that I don't know how I should go about discarding ;_; I'll probably just toss them, box and all in the garbage before I leave for work, but they could have just as easily used a smaller box and padded it with paper, given the contents. Then there was also a delivery notice from Shoppers on my doorknob when I got home from Heart and Stroke, so I have to go there after 1pm tomorrow and pay $25 for something else, which is probably that Christmas present because it was the most expensive out of everything I have coming. So that, along with grocery shopping and heading out to Money Mart at some point to put a little more on my card in case I should need it for the weekend is what tomorrow will bring. Oh, and also "buying" another commission from an auction on Furbid because I really like the style of the reference images. I have a pose in mind for another commission too, but most of the problem with that is waiting until an auction shows up that's both cheap and has good-looking preview images.

Anyways, instead of ending this on going to bed, I'm going to head downstairs to take a quick look for something to eat, because I'm starving right now. Those two things were really all I had to say anyways, aside from several bits of dreams which I'll get to after work, so the only thing left to do is click the post button~

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