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Karadur Inacu 

Not a Moment too Soon

On the way to work earlier, I was expecting it to be a standard night. Perhaps I'd get put on line instead of stuck down in drive through again, but that was the only concern I had. Upon getting there that changed though. First of all, in the single day I had off, the End World Hunger donation drive is back (although it's masquerading as "Fill the Cup" this time...), with one new addition, being these large, unsightly buttons we have to wear in addition to our name tags. Mary was working when I went in, so as you may expect, I was quickly informed that if I didn't have both, my uniform would be seen as incomplete and I'd be sent home, even though George had told me the same thing in the back not five minutes before that. It's only lasting until the end of October though, so that's not too bad. The other special thing about tonight was Melissa or Sheila or somebody else had informed anybody who would listen that the store owner is supposed to be coming down tomorrow, presumably to see how Melissa is doing as the GM, so tonight's main focus (aside from orders) was extra cleaning. I did all of main line and mini, which amounted to more cleaning done in one night than I ever have before. Best part about it is I have five days off now, but we also didn't leave until about 3:00, so two hours after we'd closed.

I need to leave myself a note or something for tomorrow though, because I let Manoah borrow some money to pay his mom for whatever she needs it for, because we hadn't been paid yet, and he didn't have any money in his account otherwise. He swore he'll pay me back tomorrow, but I'll probably end up walking out there then maybe stop by 7-11 on the way home, because I didn't tonight, and continuing with things I forgot, yesterday (Tuesday) walking up to Heart and Stroke's back door. Finally, somebody doesn't see my tail and ears and automatically assume "cat". Some guy sitting up on the second floor balcony of his house shouted out "Hey! Leopard man! What's that all about?", and went on to say that I was walking so nonchalant, as if I didn't even notice they were there. Am I supposed to? For the most part, my tail stays out of the way, thus it's only natural for me to walk around normally. Still satisfying though, because being meowed at every time I went out for a walk was slowly getting annoying.

As for those dreams mentioned earlier...

In the first one, something had come in the mail for me, but with $200 in customs fees. I remember thinking that was ridiculous, but how I also really wanted the package, so I ended up coming to the conclusion that I'd pay the fees, but only because I'd gotten myself into that. Mind you, I couldn't say if I actually did, because the dream didn't go that far, but I know I meant to. Sort of coincidental though, because I have a dream about having to pay customs fees, then get a delivery notice the next afternoon that says the same thing.

The second one was simple and short, but still the best. Picture standing in front of a snow leopard, viewing it from a normal standing level. That's pretty much all the dream was, but I slowly moved my eyes up from it's head to the tip of it's tail, then I swear actually smiled in bed, but that wouldn't be entirely unexpected. I have a feeling this one is due to finding this auction (the same one I mentioned earlier), because it looked the same way. Bright, glowing, and ever so gently wispy. Speaking of which, that art style is quite awesome, so I really hope the auction doesn't become too much more popular before the nine days are up. There are five slots, yes, but two have already been taken, and I don't want to end up in a bidding war when the end date would probably fall on a night I work :x

The third and final took place at work. Work in a slightly different setting though, because while the parking lot was mostly intact and the same, beyond it was a wide green field, and beyond that, forest. It was also daytime out, which is odd because I was the only one working. Well, me and somebody that was just in a uniform so they could be in the back or something, because I was talking to them. Being all on my own, a customer eventually pulled in, so I said something to the effect of taking and making the order, then when that was done, went to the back to see a sign up sheet for some unknown purpose that, instead of relying on names, had a column for hair color, and the other for purposes I can't remember.

Anyways, I was planning to write more, but I just wrote most of the previous two paragraphs there with my eyes closed, so it's about time I was getting some sleep. Tomorrow, Shoppers then grocery shopping to start out, but it should end up being a full day altogether~

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