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Here's Another List of Things

Because I can't work out where to start otherwise. Time is at a premium tonight too, because I need to be asleep by 2am at latest, and it's already 11:20. Therefore, in no particular order...

Apparently I'm Known (Again)
After getting my money at Taco Bell last night, I went up the street a bit further to Money Mart to load $60 of it onto my card. There were a couple other customers in line ahead of me though, so I paused my music and pulled out one of my earphones because they were looking at me sort of funny, and I wasn't sure if they were saying something as well or not. The first thing I heard was "College is starting again, huh?", then the girl standing at the counter turned around, looked at me, and said "Oh, you're the one they talk about!" Really? Pray tell, what sort of talk? I didn't ask her, of course, but I suppose that's sort of interesting. The lady working at the time asked if I ever got tired of the questions, and I said no, because I'd rather give a quick explanation instead of having them make assumptions. Then she wanted to know what sort of assumptions she'd make, and I said something like "Well... just to be on the safe side."

Then, somewhat unrelated (at least in regards to being known), we went to Tim Hortons after getting our hair cuts today, and aside from one girl standing in line beside me saying "Nice style" and laughing, nothing happened. Well, I did get two regular sized sandwiches because they were out of the large bread which was awesome, but also unrelated. Moving forward a bit, just after I'd gotten into the van and buckled my seatbelt, some guy came running up and knocked on my window, so I opened it to see what he wanted, and sure enough, his question was "What's the tail and ears all about?". One slight addition this time, however, was that he wasn't sure if I noticed, but everybody in Tim Hortons was looking at me, but nobody wanted to ask, so I explained, then he continued on his way while Mom said it was funny that he asked (in a good way) and we pulled out onto the road to start driving home. I suppose these are the sorts of things I miss by wanting to keep a safe distance between me and anybody else, but I wouldn't have it any other way, because the way that stuff happens now is fun <3

Something to be Said for Proactivity
Before going to get groceries yesterday, we went to Shoppers so I could pick up the package they were holding for me. As expected, it was the Christmas present I figured would arrive this week, and I ended up showing Mom on the way out to Real Canadian Superstore, which prompted her to tell me what both she and Dad wanted for Christmas. That leaves only one family member to go, and they don't know what they want yet to begin with. Taking that into consideration with the fact that it's only September, and I am quite pleased ^^ Not to say I'm completely finished my shopping yet, but I know I'll be getting them each a soap from Soapier (as soon as I take the time to figure out which ones they'd like the most), then one or two other small things from around the city here. Not sure what in that regard yet, but I have plenty of time to look around and decide.

The best part is I received an email from Paypal yesterday night to say one of those items had been shipped out, and the seller of said item included a note that said "I upgraded you from Priority Mail to Express Mail - no extra charge ... You should get it a lot faster this way!". Yay :3 I also see the difference Express Mail offers too, because the tracking page is actually useful, aside from saying what amounts to "Your package is probably here, but maybe not, and there's a good chance we didn't bother to scan it anyways so this page will forever be useless". As for the other gift, it hasn't been shipped out yet, due to a temporary delay of unknown nature, but for all I know it could be because it's the weekend now. The only downside in regards to packages is that only two came this week, when I was expecting more than that, but I'll be gone for most of the weekend, thus it will fly by, and I can go back to being hopeful when I head to bed on Sunday night.

My Resolve is Nonexistent
While out grocery shopping yesterday, I spotted a "Big Book of Animals" in a bin over by the personal hygiene aisles, but decided that I would not buy it, because even if I did, it would only be for the page with the snow leopard, and there's nothing it said that I didn't know about them already. However, guess where we went when we got back to Chatham today? Real Canadian Superstore, where I located and purchased the same book, along with another one that's basically a small encyclopedia of animals. The price was a pleasant surprise though, because for two books that were, according to the price tags on the back, $21 together, I got them for $11.06. The cover of said book can be seen here (on the far right), and is almost exclusively what made me want to buy it at first, until I had the thought to look in the index for whether or not it mentioned snow leopards. As for other spending though, I'd like to keep it to a minimum until I'm over $2,000 again. Shouldn't be a huge problem, as long as my next pay is over $300, but that remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, today did start off terribly early, so I'm going to call it a night right now. That is, right after I make up a list in Notepad of stuff to pack in the morning, and take care of a few other last-minute things. There's always something to do in these cases, but a little bit of planning ahead will make tomorrow morning go so much easier~

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