Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is the Fun Part

Lack of sleep, to put it simply. By my calculations, I've had seven hours of sleep at most over 33 hours, and four of those came from when we finally made it back home and I immediately curled up in bed. I was quite tired earlier tonight, enough so that I turned down the invitation to go to Swiss Chalet for supper, but given everything else I had and have eaten in the past few days, that really would not have been a good idea in any way. Just that I can recall, a sandwich and donut from Tim Hortons before we set out on Saturday morning, then a Frosty from Wendys in the service centre we stopped at, as well as two plates of supper, consisting of pork and hash browns, two plates of dessert which were pie, banana bread with icing, and little chocolate squares, as well as half a dozen donuts, a large cafe mocha, and a bottle of Pepsi. Yeah ;_;

Not that it changes matters any, but to be fair, the cafe mocha and Pepsi were planned. Those were purchased at 4 in the morning, through what had to be the most fun part of the weekend. I still can't say what it is that I find so satisfying about it, but both finding my way to the street Tim Hortons was on (which in and of itself was fun because it was on the other side of a five-lane highway, and I was able to walk across the entire thing without seeing one vehicle <3), and just the general feeling I got upon stepping out onto that street, which was going from a closed-in neighborhood with way too many trees blocking the view of the sky, to walking out to the highway, and being able to look to the left and right to see apartment buildings, traffic lights in the distance, and the feeling that, if I had more time, I would be doing a lot more exploring than just going to Tim Hortons ^^

Unfortunately, the best I can do in those regards right now is once again say that at earliest, I'd like to take a vacation to London for about three days sometime during the winter to do that sort of thing. Sure, I know my way around London better than any other major city in Ontario, but familiarity isn't necessarily a bad thing, and I also haven't given much thought to where else I'd go, aside from looking at Via Rail's site for long enough to find out there's a town in Ontario called "Redditt".

All in all though, the weekend was fun, and I'm very glad I went :3 Uncle Brent mentioned the next family reunion being held at their place in May as well, but for now, I plan on sitting that one out. Going to Mississauga was alright, because that's a well developed city, but Aunt Carol and Uncle Brent live in the middle of the country (they've since moved, but used to live in Wingham), and I hate the idea of being stuck in what amounts to the same surroundings for miles. Not that I can see them missing me or anything, but another disadvantage would be that if I do end up staying at home, Naomi and Adam might decided to do the same as well, and that would ruin things. Still, that's over half a year away, so it's a bit early to be deciding anything yet.

As for tonight, one last note is that barring possible mind-changing, Naomi wants either a digital camera like the one I have or a decent pair of iPod speakers with a remote for Christmas, so we started looking last night, but weren't able to find anything that met her needs. That's not terribly urgent though, and in the meantime I've also decided what soaps I'll be getting everybody (including Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark, just to actually get them a gift), but they can't be purchased yet either, because I've yet to read the response to the email I sent asking how long they kept for. Speaking of which though, tomorrow starts a new week, and I have it off, so it would be really awesome if at least one package came in the mail. I don't see why that wouldn't happen, because there are at least two that should have been here last week, but such expectations are going to get me nowhere. In the meantime, I'm going to try and keep myself awake until at least 4am, and the first step to doing so is posting this entry, because I've said mostly everything I wanted to~

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