Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

These Are the Days <3

The weather today has been perfect. Aside from a few brief glimpses of sun, it has been cold, rainy, extremely windy, and oppressively overcast. The wind wasn't quite so great, because I had to hold my ears in place to keep them from blowing off at one point, but otherwise it has been just beautiful, and the only thing that could have made it better is if we had just been getting back today. Although Adam did say something that could have made that happen, but that me thinking about is mostly wishful thinking as well. As we were driving back to the 401, Adam mentioned something about a "Mississauga zoo", spouting off random chatter like he normally does, and thinking back to November of last year, told him there was a zoo in Toronto, but he didn't hear me. That would have been fun though. Going to the family reunion, staying overnight, then taking the following morning and afternoon to explore other things nearby. Although I would only go to the zoo by myself. Not with family, because that wouldn't end well according to the way I see things.

Another thought of the same sort came to me while on the way to Tim Hortons early Sunday morning. It would've been the high point of our (or my) trip to get in touch with a couple other furs in the area (assuming there were any) and meet up with them after the family reunion was over to hang out and do whatever. Despite what I may have said about giving up on them, it honestly isn't so much that, as wanting to distance myself from what I don't like about the fandom, and given that there are only a few select things I do enjoy, I came to the decision detailed in a couple previous entries out of wanting to simplify things at any cost. At any rate, those thoughts are changing a bit, but I've yet to come to any definite decision that I'm happy with.

Anyways, this entry is going to turn out to be on the short side, because I'm getting tired enough to go to sleep again, and after work tomorrow night I should be used to staying awake until 6am again. I actually am looking forward to going there after having five days off, mostly to see if anything's changed, and also somewhat out of curiosity to see the place almost a full week after we gave it a thorough cleaning. I even asked Manoah on Thursday night when I went to pick up my money what they thought of our extra cleaning, and he said that the auditor or whoever had come in described it as being the cleanest store they'd inspected all day. Melissa was pleased too, and really, that's what I'm going for. A rare "Good job" in amongst all the other "Don't do this"es we hear on almost a daily basis. The only thing is I do not know who the closing manager is tomorrow, but it'll either be Steve or Manoah, and I'm happy with them. As for things coming in the mail I received one package today, which still leaves another that I was expecting last week, so hopefully it'll be downstairs later this afternoon. That reminds me I also need to leave feedback for the stuff that came today, but for the time being, a note in Notepad will suffice, because I'm off to have what will hopefully amount to an awesome sleep. Rain outside, nice cool bedroom with a comforter on top of me (I pulled it out earlier this afternoon), and having sent Michele an email earlier to say I would only be in on Wednesday this week. Yesh <3

Oh, and actually one last aside I thought of while planning out what to write earlier. Certain talk in Mississauga led to Aunt Patty saying furries were only found in North America, and I corrected her by saying they were much more widespread than that, but now I can't help but wonder. Imagine there's some planet out in space somewhere, whose sole inhabitants are anthropomorphic animals, with the same amount of intelligence as anybody on Earth. Do you suppose a certain percentage of them would fantasize about being humans? Interesting thought, but with that, I'm off to bed~

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