Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm All Messed Up

With the weather lately, and the fact that I have most of my important Christmas shopping done now, it feels like it's December. I only wish, because if so that would mean I could walk long ways home from work to enjoy the Christmas decorations everywhere. Since October is less than a day away though, Thanksgiving and Halloween will be coming before it, which is somewhat disappointing. Don't get me wrong - holidays or other special occasions are fun, but we'll likely just be celebrating Thanksgiving as a family, and the extent of my plans for Halloween are working in my regular clothes, tail and ears included. The thought of going trick-or-treating again this year did cross my mind a couple times, but I can't see that happening this time around. I am, quite frankly, way too old to be doing that, and going last year was mostly so I could say I did, having been unable to for most other years of my life, and also because I had something to use as a costume well before October.

Getting back to Christmas shopping though, I am pretty much done with "main" gifts. I've had Adam's for about a week now, Naomi and I went out to Staples yesterday so she could look at the digital cameras and iPod speakers, and I now have one of the latter tucked underneath my bed. Mom's gift hasn't yet been shipped, but the seller did leave positive feedback for me, which I'm assuming means the delays are legitimate, and I just need to be more patient. Finally, as for Dad's the tracking page's most recent update says it's in Mississauga being reviewed by customs, which is one other thing from the weekend. On the way back to the 401, we drove past this large, formidable looking building with a Canada Post sign out front, and I realized that's the place all these packages I've received in the past were at when their tracking pages said they were in Mississauga. Never once did I make that connection before, so it was sort of neat ^^;

Having said that, soaps from Soapier are still on my list, but them keeping in time to still be as good as new on Christmas morning is sort of a concern, so between that and being told that they have a line of Christmas soaps coming out on October 5th, I'm going to wait. That leaves the only other gifts as something small and edible for everybody, but such things are subject to the same idea of lifespan as the soaps, and Real Canadian Superstore at very least stocks some Christmas-only goodies starting shortly after Halloween. There is another side to this though. I cannot see any way I haven't mentioned this before, but as a kid, Christmas meant nothing more to me than poring over the Sears catalogue page by page looking for stuff that was both appealing and cheap. Skip ahead to just this year for the sake of my train of thought, and I've already been asked once what I want for Christmas, but honestly don't know, and can't think of much I want that I wouldn't buy with my own money anyways. Animal (preferably big cat, leopard spotted, or even although that seems a bit too specific) patterned stuff for my room, if anything. Either that or faux fur stuff as long as it isn't exceedingly gaudy. Sort of like those throws I bought two years ago, but that's two ideas if and when anybody asks again.

Otherwise, it's only quarter to 5, but I'm probably going to call it a night soon because I still haven't completely gotten back into the swing of things after the weekend, and I'm also going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow. Well, not before going to Shoppers, because yet another delivery notice was left for me today, so I have to go figure out what came for me that they couldn't have possibly left in the mailbox or between the doors when I wasn't expecting anything larger than what would fit in there this week. Oh well. Knowing them it's probably that keychain in a uselessly large box again, but I'll find out tomorrow. On that note, I'll probably just call it a night because I plan to leave at 1:30 so I have enough time to go to Shoppers without cutting into when I'd be at Heart and Stroke, so other things will wait until tomorrow night when I don't have anything to get up for immediately the next day~

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