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The Real Meaning of "Volunteer"

Why did I go to Heart and Stroke today? Michele was off at the hospital tending to other business when I got there, and didn't return until at least 3, so I sat down at one of the reception area computers and continued working on what she had me start last week. Then I eventually screwed that up in leaving a certain cell blank that had to be populated for the calculations to run correctly, and of course that was done on saving, so when I tried to save my changes, all of Excel froze and I had to start the whole area over again. And I mean, it's not that I don't mind working on my own (lord knows I prefer that at Taco Bell), but I can't see it being too much to ask for her to Michele to either be there in order to tell me "This is what you'll be doing today" and for rare exceptions such as the one in question, leave a short note saying "Do this until I get back, and we'll go from there". Yeah. As for Shoppers, I thought they had my keychain, because the package was really light, but it was in fact my Acekard, so that's awesome <3

As such, most of my afternoon upon coming home from Heart and Stroke was spent getting that set up, then getting Bowser's Inside Story to work, and also learning that all of my GBA saves have seemingly been erased. Well, at least the one for Megaman Battle Network 6, but that's probaby because it was running in NOR mode. The others where I had to write the save file to the memory card to actually save my progress are still there, but they are nothing if not outdated.

Observation regarding the new game cards at work. There are certain restrictions and safeguards set in place to ensure they don't just disappear, unlike the couple months when we were giving out cans of Amp with the box meals (although I still don't think anybody noticed...), and that's nice and all, but there's a gaping hole in all their carefully-woven protectiveness. See, there are two parts to the card. One half is a scratch and (possibly) win type deal, and the other contains a twelve character code to be entered online. What's to stop me or anybody else from waiting for a few moments of privacy and writing down some or all of the codes, then entering them at home? Yeah, having a place for them to be sent is one, when staff and friends/family thereof aren't allowed to play, but still by doing that you could subvert their system and maybe prevent some of the prizes from being won. Of course, there are problems with my idea, one of the biggest being that the code would only be usable once, so beating customers to the punch, to use a figure of speech, might invite some phone calls and subsequent investigation, but that's assuming they don't just give up and figure something's either wrong with the site, or the code was printed on their card incorrectly. Any number of things, but it's a possibility.

Now, having said that, I don't plan on engaging in any plans of that sort, but seeing them (the managers) taking this so seriously, I find it fun to poke around for loopholes.

As a matter of fact, a small addition to the above to make it even more risk-free. Copying the codes from cards in your till is sort of dangerous, because if a customer does call in about not being able to us their code, finding out when they came in and who was on the till that day is a fairly trivial matter. However, what about copying a few of the codes from cards at the bottom of the pile just before closing, or doing that as soon as you have enough privacy throughout the regular course of the night, and if you need more, tucking those few in between some bills, then asking the manager for more and putting the loose ones at the bottom of that stack? There is absolutely no way the codes are formed sequentially, and even if they are somehow encoded as such, regular use and moving around during the day would quickly put that to waste. Moving on, that way, by the time somebody called to say they were having problems on the website, it would be on a completely different till on a completely different day.

The only other way that comes to mind right now is brute force, but that wouldn't be worthwhile in a couple different ways.

So I'm sort of anxious to see if any more packages come tomorrow, because at this slow rate there's bound to be at least one day where two or more arrive at once. At the rate I'm going though, I'll be buying one more thing for myself online when we get paid next (a guide for Megamam Starforce 3, because it's the only one I don't have), and if I have enough after that, seeing if a pair of pants I thought about buying last time I was at Value Village are still there, then after that, Wendys or some other type of special supper :3 Oh, and also sometime before Christmas I'd like to commission a second pair of arm warmers, just in case something should happen to the ones I have now, and as long as I can get those, an absurdly long (but still relatively thin) tail, because the one I've been going about with on a regular basis for the past while now has started to tear even more (well, the belt loops have) so tomorrow I'm going to start with another one, and those thoughts got me to thinking I'd like to get a new one too <3

For the rest of the night though, I'm going to play Bowser's Inside Story for a bit since I can actually get past the title screen now, then hopefully sleep in tomorrow because I don't have anywhere to be until 7pm for work. Also to say it again, the weather has been really nice lately and making sleep oh so much better, so it's not nice having to wake up at 1pm and immediately set about getting ready for the day. Or perhaps I'm just being too fussy, but I'm going to go with the former for now~

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