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Such Mindless Fun <3

Several days ago there was a submission on Reddit with a title to the effect of "This is what it must be like to be a kitten", which linked to this. It's fun enough to mess around with, but out of curiosity, I broke down one of the dots down to the smallest size possible, then zoomed in to see if it could be broken down even further. That turned out not to be possible, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Regardless, when I finally got done with it, this was the result. Oh yes. If that's truly what it's like to be a kitten, then from my own experience it's amusing enough at first, but quickly derails into annoying monotony and seeing colored spots every time you close your eyes. Also, it's completely unrelated, but this movie is too funny not to share ^^; Just the "He's so happy!" and "I'm not sure how to take that..." comments. Those and the "Homo Kakapo" bit right at the end. Do watch it and you'll see. As for other fun tonight, I spent several more hours working through all six new Link-a-Pix puzzles on Conceptis's site which still does leave the weekly review puzzle, but I'll get to that tomorrow if anything. I've no more will to use my mouse tonight, and even if I wanted to, the battery needs to be recharged anyways.

First of all, I'm getting a better understanding of why there's such friction between Mary and I. She believes the managers have complete and total control over the regular staff while they're clocked in, whereas I feel they're pretty much unnecessary. Before I go any further though, I am a bit biased from only working night shifts, where we're left on our own most of the time and have to work on getting things done and caught up throughout the night so we can get out quickly. Well, let me just put it this way, actually. The closers are a hell of a lot more responsible and much harder workers than most of the day staff are. Closes running on their own without a manager keeping watch are a given, and I (not speaking for anybody else) really like and appreciate the freedom, but turn to look at day or supper shifts, and there are nights where two or three managers can be working at the same time, and the store will still be a mess when we come in.

Anyways, I digress. The issue last night happened when Manoah asked her how to print a certain report, but because she was busy making an order, I told him what buttons to press. Her reaction? "And how do you know that!?" Because I read the note that's obviously not important enough to be locked up in the safe, so kindly screw off. She reminds me of Mark. Really and truly. Now, given that comparison, and how Mark eventually left to work at Boston Pizza instead, perhaps she'll do the same sort of thing, but I'm not holding my breath. It's just (and I'm almost positive I've said this before)... if you want a crew who are going to be nothing more than sheep, look elsewhere. The last thing I need is you staring over my shoulder and monitoring my every action when I'm plenty capable of doing my job on my own, without supervision. Furthermore, I have to wonder why you're a manager when you seem to be so afraid of regular staff usurping your position, but those two statements say enough as is.

I do realize I may be in the wrong by effectively wanting to boss a manager around, but my thoughts on the matter should be readily apparent, and it's not all of them - just the ones who don't know how to leave well enough alone.

What's more though, I overheard Manoah talking to James last night, and he said something about stepping down, and how Ang would be taking his place as a manager eventually. I really, really hope not, but at this point for all I know he could've been talking about what would happen if he stepped down, and even if that were to happen, I would set aside some time to meet with Melissa within a day to ask exactly what was going on.

Those things aside, however, last night was decent, and it was a great relief walking out of there at the end of the night knowing I didn't have to be back for three days, so it really won't do to let those matters get to me right now.

As for other stuff today, there wasn't much to mention. I had planned to go out to Staples earlier on in the afternoon, but it started raining just as I was going to leave, and Mom was gone until after they closed, so I missed my chance. That can be done tomorrow though, and in lieu of it today, I went out to 7-11 for snacks and Harvey's for supper. I had the same sort of plans in mind for tomorrow and Tuesday as well, but at the rate I'm going, my money will be better off saved for things that aren't edible, and if I really want to get a snack someplace, I can easily go to Tim Hortons and use some of the money I have left over from last weekend. Then again, there's a chance one or two packages will arrive tomorrow, and if so they might come with customs fees, but even then I still have my Mastercard. On that note, I'll probably go to bed too, because it's after my normal bed time, and I've written about mostly everything I wanted to. The remaining couple might come tomorrow, but we'll see then, and in the meantime, sleep, then whatever tomorrow brings~

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