Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Third Week in a Row

Take one guess where I have to go after 1pm tomorrow. That's right. I received another delivery notice today, saying that I have to pay $28.70 this time, but I already have the money set aside, and will be up early enough to go to Heart and Stroke, so I'll once again be heading around the long way to Shoppers first. I already know what the package is, so that doesn't leave too much of a surprise, but there are still several other things I've been expecting since last week, so one or two might show up by Friday. The latter half of the afternoon won't go as planned, however, because I got a ride out to Value Village today, and that's where I would have gone. They didn't have the pair of pants I saw last time anymore, sadly, but I did get a microSD card from Staples. It can be found online here, and quite frankly, it is obscene that such a miniscule card can hold so much data. The $50 discount was quite well appreciated though, as was getting the last one they had, so I'm quite happy with that.

I actually did buy one other thing today too, which was a CD. Yeah, perhaps the type of music doesn't quite match up with what I listen to these days, but I had the songs from that CD before, after borrowing it from a youth group Adam and I were made to attend several years ago and liked them, but then they were lost when the hard drive holding them stopped working. Buying it worked quite well too, because I still had $45 left on my Mastercard from going to Mississauga, and it was only $13.41 after converting CAD to USD <3 The next thing I'm looking at is a set of two 16GB microSD cards with a dual memory stick Pro Duo adapter that can be used with a PSP, giving a total 32GB of usable space. Well, approximately 30 to be technical, but that's still alot of space. Oh, and for my reference in the future, the formula to figure out the real amount of available space (in gigabytes) is [given capacity] / 1024 / 1024 * 1000000000. Anyways, problem is it's $100, and that's too expensive right now no matter how much I try to justify it. Or perhaps I could ask for that as a Christmas present, but I don't know how well anybody else here would fare with purchasing stuff online, and considering Adam's the only other one I know of who has a Paypal account, I'd like to keep somewhat of a barrier between him and where I buy Christmas presents for everybody, including him, lest he purchase something on his own that I already had on the way.

Those things aside though, today has been mostly alright. I started working out the details of what I want in that second commission with the artist, and right now am waiting to hear back from her as to whether or not she understands my pose reference image any better, because it came from one of the movies I recorded at work, and thus isn't of the highest quality, at least for a still frame. As for that other commission, she's still working with the first bidder as far as I know, but I'm still second in line, so there shouldn't be too much time left to wait :3 Somewhat unrelated but still relevant enough is this. As shown by the timestamps, I posted a link to the first image last night before I went to bed, then earlier this evening finally had the thought to change the text slightly in order to make it fit better. Warning in advance that it does contain profanity, but I simply copied and pasted from reluctant_troll's post, and thus don't feel as bad about it. Oh, and my comment here too. Perhaps it was just today, but I was feeling significantly more sociable than I do normally, and that's what came about from it ^^;

Whether it is or not will have to go unanswered for now, however, because in order to get a good sleep before Heart and Stroke tomorrow (and leaving somewhat early to visit Shoppers first), I'm going to bed now. Well, in less than a minute, because there are a few things I have to move around first~

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