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It Never Fails...

Josh just phoned. I could hear all sorts of noise in the background, so it was obvious he was at work. Apparently Earl wants me to come in early (but if that's the case, then why didn't he phone?), so I asked when he wanted me to come in, and Josh said "immediately". I had no plans to go in that early, so I just told him we were still waiting on supper. I figure I'll probably head in around 8. If they don't like that, screw them. If I wanted to, I could wait all the way up 'till 9, but I'm not going to. So tonight's seemingly going to be bad then. Great. I don't know how many people called in sick today, but if I can get by on calling in sick two days and then being right back at it, there's no reason anyone else can't.

Anyways though, today was my last day at Heart and Stroke. At least until January 8th, that is :p Michele told me I didn't need to bother coming in next week, because she's already going to have plenty of people in, and she doesn't really have anything for me to do anyways, so it works for me. As for today, I finished up a couple things in the volunteer information binder, started on P2P receipting (assigned and distributed the receipts for Bothwell, Zone 7 in Chatham, and Zone 1 in Wallaceburg), and also finished the letter "v" for data cleansing. Not bad for only 3 hours' work.

After I finished there, we went up to get groceries, then to EB Games to get Kirby Squeak Squad. They actually had 4 PS3s there, but no Wiis, sadly. Then we came back home and I played Twilight Princess some more. Just up to having gotten Kakariko Village back to normal so far.

For now though, I'm going to get ready for work. Mom and Naomi took off with the van about half an hour ago, and I don't know how long they'll be, but I might as well be ready for whenever they get back.

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