Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Knew This Was Coming

Many things... Starting with how I got my pay stub at work yesterday and it was for a mere $270, and what with this being the first pay of the month, Mom and Dad got all but $30 of that. Although it's not entirely bad because I deposited the GST check for almost $90 that I received in the mail yesterday before going grocery shopping earlier this afternoon, but thus far I've only touched ~$3 of it for deodorant, and will be spending maybe $10 in total more later tonight, because there's finally an auction on Furbid that suits my needs. A 100×100 pixel icon, where the description specifically mentions to go ahead and order more if you want. I can think of at least four expressions, which still ends up being pretty cheap.

Thankfully I work tomorrow and Saturday, so there won't be any visiting places for snacks then, but thinking about working with Mary until midnight is still somewhat annoying. Her deal last night was that I was steaming without wearing a headset, so eventually I put one on, but left the part that goes on your head just hanging around my neck. It stayed that way for at least an hour before she finally said "You know, the headset works alot better when you have it on", and such. Thus, assuming I do end up on line tomorrow, I will gladly wear a headset and actually have it switched on until she leaves, but not pay attention to the orders and not start to make them before they appear on the board. I don't care how the day staff do their work. I don't care how you think things should be done. This is what works for me, and to date, you're the only one who's had a problem with it, so please just stop and we'll all be happier for it. Maybe I should just talk to Melissa one of these nights and see what she says...

I do let her get to me far too much considering, but all I seem to be doing otherwise right now is being pleasant with everybody else on the shift, but saying as little as possible when she's around. Simple. Although in the case of last night it may have just been because I was tired, mostly because of waking up early for Heart and Stroke. Michele gave me next week off though, so I'm quite looking forward to sleeping in on Tuesday for once. The unfortunate part of that is how I'll probably have to work on Wednesday, but oh well. In the meantime though (at least for tonight), I need to clean up my desktop a bit and see what happens after that. Games, probably, because there's one where I'm stuck on a mission that requires you to learn how to fly, and I can do that well enough, but always screw up the landing which takes a bunch of points off my score. That mission alone is keeping me from advancing too, so it would be nice to finally beat it~

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