Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Such a Confusing Problem

Only half the text visible in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology? Replace the ltn0.pgf file found in flash0:\font with the one from any of Sony's official updates. Well, those that can be decrypted / extracted by PSARDumper, but that should go for most of them that are available. Sure, it doesn't look good if you use a custom theme and completely negates your modification if you installed a custom font, but knowing that earlier would've saved me the better part of this week. Not that I was trying to fix the problem for that whole time, but it took several days to download an ISO (as opposed to CSO) of the game because I thought something got screwed up when the uploader compressed it.

Also on the topic of problems, there's that one involving Mom's Christmas present that's all but settled now. The way it was described to me, their system said they had the item in stock when they were actually completely out, and that they've been trying to get more since then but haven't been able to. Therefore, I have the option of either waiting for said system to give me a refund automatically, or request one myself, which I'll do at the end of this coming week if nothing has changed. The biggest point of concern right now is how they already left feedback for me, but I'll worry about that if and when, because while in a particular sense it sort of is, it's otherwise not my problem. That should about wrap up Christmas shopping for now as well (pun not intended), because any and everything else can wait until the middle of November and on. That'll certainly help towards saving some more money as well, especially after what was mentioned in my previous entry.

I still, however, have not bought that commission mentioned, but am currently planning to do so just before I go to bed, so I'll have enough time to send out a quick email asking if they're charging a flat $1 rate for any number of icons, then go to bed and have a bit more time to think about exactly what I want before falling asleep. While I'm on this topic, there's nothing new to mention of those other commissions yet (aside from me requesting a couple changes to their respective sketches), but I can't expect much more yet. I do have to say I like getting these commissions though, and seeing my ideas put down on paper, so I definitely plan on continuing to check Furbid every once in a while to see what new stuff is in that section <3 Oh, and because I just remembered for some reason, that thing I mentioned seeing on eBay that would give you 32GB of storage for your PSP. I don't need it. Not only would I never listen to that much music, but I also just recently bought an 8GB stick, and should at least try to make use of that before I find something else to replace it.

Also, since I mentioned tidying it up earlier, my desktop as it appears now. Not that it was hugely messy before, but I did need to clean it up, and for what better reason than to upload a screenshot? Oh, and for what it's worth, I installed Chrome because I needed a browser which could be restarted easily, which excludes Firefox because I always have a bunch of tabs open in it, and I didn't think Internet Explorer 6 would work quite well for my purposes. Amusingly enough it went through two other changes I didn't save pictures of before that one, but I'm not about to set everything up again just for them. In the meantime though, I need to find new icons to use for the common places dialog, so that'll be something to fiddle around with on Sunday or the two days following it, since I have all three of them off.

And as for anything else tonight, I think I'll take up the buy it now offer on that auction and head to bed, because I'm tired and can't think of anything else to do. Back to work tomorrow for two nights, then much more time after that though, so I'll find something(s) sooner or later~

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