Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Getting Used to This

Working for only one or two days then having several off. Starting tonight I have about the same number of shifts as I do days off, and while it's to be expected with not being busy enough lately, it's not a good thing altogether. So that is to say, aside from taking a look at the new schedule, last night was mostly okay. Well, with the exception of spilling oil on Manoah's coat too, but in my defense, I did not even know that had happened until well after the fact. I can't remember what it was now, but he did something to me (drew on me with his pen, I think), which I got back at him for my throwing several ice cubes up and over line, because he was standing in the middle and I hoped one would hit him. As it turns out, his coat was on the table, and an ice cube hit the bottle of oil. Yeah.

Oh, James also informed us that he plans to bring turkey in on Thanksgiving, but I have Sunday through Tuesday off, and will therefore miss out on it ;_; As such, turkey here will suffice, and I think we may be having company too, because Aunt Helen's phone number is written on a piece of paper that is currently taped to a cupboard in the kitchen. That would be fun, but I also don't even know what day we're having our dinner yet, so I could end up missing everybody like last time we had company and nobody told me they were here. The only other disadvantage next week will bring is Monday being a holiday, therefore meaning if anything else would've come for me in the mail then, it won't. Speaking of which, since I didn't ever mention it earlier, my Megaman Starforce 2 guide arrived earlier this week as well, so that just leaves the third one, that I'm waiting for our next pay to buy.

Although I may, may spend about $20 on two CDs when I get home tonight, but that depends entirely on what I see when I check my balance at the bank. And even if not, one commission is done, so I can upload that (just not right now so I have something to look forward to later ^^), then I also received a sketch for one of those icons, but plan on replying to that email before I leave for work. Both of those will come later though, and I might also have to see about making a special snack, since my plans for later have now been canceled. Along with Tales of the World, I was also downloading a PC game, and without going into boring detail it was a pain to extract the ISO alone, and even when I finally was able to nothing happened when I mounted it. Thus, I deleted that whole download and found a different torrent where the ISO isn't split into fifty different parts, so hopefully it works better.

In the meantime though, usual stuff. I've an hour and twenty minutes left before leaving for work, and plan on sending that email before I do anything else after this, then probably seeing what's for supper / finding out when we're having our Thanksgiving dinner, then bide my time with whatever else catches my interest. Yay~

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