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Titles Continue to Elude Me

There are times when I already have one in mind before I even start writing an entry, then others where I can sit here for several minutes trying to think of something decent but not have anything come to mind. Tonight is definitely the latter, so this one will have to do. That's actually sort of funny in this case because I have a couple specific things to write about, but regardless, they are as follows.

First of all, commissions. Two of them are finished now, and the third (several userpics for here), I've been given sketches of, and before going to bed tonight need to look them over and send an reply after that either asking for changes, or saying they're okay. I was actually a bit surprised with the two that are done, because I was shown one sketch to ask for any changes to, then after that I didn't hear from the artists again until they were done, when I was expecting at least one more revised sketch to make sure I was happy with it. It's not a big deal at any rate, and even if it was nothing can be done now, but if and when I get any more, I may have to ask for that extra sketch just to be sure. In the meantime though, one can be seen here, and the other right beside it, which is here. Aside from being awesome pictures, it's really nice having something solid and more developed to go by instead of just picking and choosing traits and certain appearance-specific things that I think would look good :3 I'll definitely have to make userpics out of those as well, but not tonight. I can feel my coherency and concentration degrading as is, so I'll settle with writing this entry.

Anyways, this is the second week in a row I've had Sunday through Tuesday off, but last time I consistently woke up around 1pm all three of those days. My guess would be because I'm used to waking up at that time for Heart and Stroke on Tuesday and Wednesday. Today was different though, because I not only stayed up until 8:30am, but then slept until 5 in the afternoon <3 Fitting, considering I sent another suggestion to 1000 Awesome Things last week about sleeping in. Mostly when it's one of those rare days where you know you don't have to wake up early for anything, and even better, if said day comes just as you're getting done a long string of shifts at work, or are coming home from being on the road and are completely exhausted. The only bad part is I can't do the same tomorrow because it's Thanksgiving, but today was just what I needed ^^

I still have the details of one dream written down too, but that will go in a cut for the sake of organization.

The title I gave to this (in Notepad anyways) was "MacGyver + Reddit". I recently started watching the series again, and stayed up to the see end of one more episode last night, but at the same time was also reading some submission or another on that site, and the two seemingly got mixed together in my sleep.

Even stranger is how the setting was Cola and Madius's apartment in London, but anyways, the four of us (those two, as well as MacGyver and I) were there getting ready to watch a movie, but either Cola or Madius (or both of them) wanted there to be a way to make the VCR (yes, VCR) turn itself on and load the tape on it's own. We turned to look at MacGyver, who said there should be a way to do that, but for whatever reason, I started fiddling with it instead. The idea I eventually came up with was to hang a long but fairly light switch down in front of the VCR. Said switch would have a flexible tip at the end nearest the tape slot, and the opposite end would be covered in metal. Adjacent to that end would be a sort of contact point placed on top of the VCR that, when touched by the switch, would turn the VCR on and make it load the tape.

The idea was to insert the tape as far as possible into the VCR while the power was still off, so that the switch would rest on it, and be pushed out by the tape jutting from the VCR, which would in turn cause the metal part on top to touch the contact, and as was just mentioned, provide power to the VCR, load the tape, and commence playback.

I, however, eventually got frustrated with trying to get that idea to work, so I turned to MacGyver and asked "Shouldn't you be doing this?" Immediately after that my vision switched so I could see my comment on Reddit asking that same question, except said comment was made to MacGyver's saying he had an idea, which had ~2,000 upvotes. Not sure what significance that has, but I can clearly remember it, therefore it must be worthwhile. Shortly after that I started feeling bad for being rude, so I changed my mind and told him he didn't need to help, but then he stood up, saying there was no point to the show if he let other people fix things for him.

Once again, my vision switched back to Reddit after that, except this time I read the replies to my comment, that said pretty much the same thing.

Yeah. The best part is is that there are almost definitely VCRs that will do all the work for you as long as you insert a tape most of the way. Realism has no place in my dreams though :B

Moving on, much to my delight, upon checking my balance at the ATM last night I saw that it was ~$1,600, so the first things I spent a little money on were two new albums from Vulpvibe. Or Lapfox Trax, as it's called now, which is a sort of odd change, but my biggest concern with that is whether or not my saved payment cookies for Bandcamp still work. Not that I don't have backups of the music, but it's nice to have everything necessary to re-download them again if needed <3 Anyways, those were about $20, and can now be found here. Well, 256kbps versions, but I downloaded FLACs at first. That way I still am giving it away for free, but at a lesser quality than what I paid for. Everybody wins and such.

Also related to money though, assuming Manoah works on Wednesday, I plan on repaying him the $20 he spent to get his coat cleaned. Apparently the coat itself was rather expensive, and as such, I liken it to him or somebody else getting oil or, say, red sauce on my tail and / or ears. I would expect them to compensate me for getting them cleaned, so it's only fair that I do the same for Manoah. Sure, it is technically just a coat, but I'm thinking more of the principle behind it. Besides, it seems like the sort of situation where he would say "You don't have to do that!" and I do love the feeling of doing "that" anyways despite being told it isn't necessary ^^ That also means plans are definitely still on for getting supper after one of the 8-12 shifts I have coming up. Assuming the manager lets me go at 11, that is, but if not, I can see being allowed to run down the street to wherever at 11:30 or so. And because typing this reminded me, we did a food swap with Dominos last night <3 After such a long time of not hearing from them or anybody else, we got pizza, cheesy bread, and cinnamon sticks, which made the night that much better :3

On a different topic, downloading. For the past several months, I had not downloaded anything with torrents at all. Well, with the exception of one movie, but most of the time it was downloading at a steady rate of 0.1~5kbps, and has been stuck at 99.6% for a couple weeks now, so even if anybody noticed, I don't think they cared. It's the other stuff since then though. To the best of my memory, GTA 3 and Vice City, seasons 1 through 5 of "Rugrats", and five (possibly all) of Josh Groban's albums. Oh, and another game that I won't divulge completely. A hint towards the name is "IV", and otherwise it's not really a bad game. Look at the most recent screenshot I uploaded of my desktop, and you should be able to figure out what it is pretty easily. Watching Rugrats is fun though (I haven't seen it in some years) and I put all the music by Josh Groban on my PSP, which gives me even more new stuff to listen to, but to use a cliche, I'd rather have too much than not enough ^^;

Should anything else come to mind though, I will have to write about it tomorrow. For now I'm going to try and get to sleep, which may or may not be easy because I swear somebody's pounding on something either downstairs or in Mom and Dad's room :s Actually, before that I still need to respond to these emails, then I'll probably play Bowser's Inside Story a bit more before I go to bed, because it's picked up considerably now. And maybe, just maybe go see what the source of that banging is, but one thing at a time~

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