Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Thanksgiving Come and Gone

If Mom and Dad had their way, I would once again have not been informed it was time for supper. Thankfully, I went downstairs on my own at just the right time, and heard an excuse from Dad about how he had gotten caught up in other things and forgot about me, but just... yeah. It actually wouldn't have made a huge difference though, because our only company was Sara and a couple of her and Naomi's friends. Still decent though, and there was quite a lot of food, to the point that there's easily a whole pie, some brownies, and possibly turkey left downstairs. I, however, have eaten quite enough for today, but also know well in advance that there's plenty to be eaten here tomorrow night, as opposed to going to 7-11 or something. I kind of wanted to tonight, actually, simply because it was a "special" day, but in the end I didn't, for obvious reasons.

That aside though, the only other thing I've really done with my day is played Bowser's Inside Story. I've made quite a bit of progress since last time, and might still be playing it now even, but it was getting to the point where if an enemy killed me I was too annoyed to restart from wherever I had last saved and work my way back up to where I died. Actually, I also played that other game requiring me to learn how to fly some more, and finally managed to finish the "Circle airstrip and land" lesson, only to find that flying a helicopter comes after that. There's really something to be said against finally getting the hang of flying a plane, then being made to learn the same for a helicopter.

On a completely unrelated note, my stomach and lower back both hurt right now. Earlier on tonight I was downstairs in the kitchen holding Littlecat (I am nothing if not inconsistent with that name), and tried to turn towards the chair so she could jump onto it, which she did, but not before digging into my stomach with her claws to push away from me. Then a couple hours ago I had dropped a bottle shampoo in the shower, so I kneeled down to grab it, and upon trying to stand back up, went right into the faucet. So there are a couple cuts on my stomach, a large red mark (that will undoubtedly turn into a bruise) near the base of my spine (thankfully nowhere close to my tattoo), and that's added to having consumed a bottle of pop (the pop, not the bottle ^^;) some time before midnight, which made the time between ~1 and ~5 all too awesome, from feeling really energetic but also like I was going to fall asleep at any moment at the same time. I do most definitely plan on going to bed when this is done though, so hopefully tomorrow will bring less injury and more energy level stability <3

That actually might as well be it. The only other thing I could do right now is make userpics out of those two pictures I uploaded yesterday, and I'm just going to leave that until tomorrow (and hopefully not procrastinate any more then). I'm also looking forward to seeing if more things come in the mail and / or seeing if those icons I commissioned are finished (I sent an email to say all but one were fine last night, and the remaining icon just needed a couple lines added to it to show surprise), but the former has been about normal for the past several weeks. This week is also the one where, if that DVD hasn't been shipped out yet, I'll be requesting a refund for it, so there's that too, but I won't be doing anything until Friday at earliest anyways, so there's no sense in getting ahead of myself~

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