Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Best Kind of Spam

Found this wonder in my alternate Gmail account earlier this morning. Quite coincidental because just last night before going to bed I was wondering if my profile had ever been removed from that site, but now I know to, once this entry is done, submit the removal request again or actually email him and go the direct route instead. What's more, I went back to sleep for another two or three hours after that, and when I woke up again, had a second email waiting for me from the site / people running the site I bought that shirt from a while back. The one that was too small and I tried emailing them twice to ask about returning? Yeah, that one. And what did the email I got today say? "It pays to be on our mailing list. Here's a code to save 10% on select products". Then they go on at length (several pages) detailing what has to be half of their inventory. To make it more annoying to unsubscribe, I guess.

On the better side of things, my second pair of ears from Chesh came today, and yesterday morning / afternoon when I woke up, I had also received two new emails from Nintendo saying that my stuff from them has finally been shipped out. That, of course, still leaves this keychain off in the middle of nowhere, but for now I'm treating it the same as that DVD. If it shows up / I find out where it is by the end of the week, cool, but if not, I'll simply have two emails to send out. Somewhat ironic considering it was one single dollar, but the shipping price more than compensated for that, so maybe eBay just doesn't take money for itself out of whatever you list the shipping price as. Meh.

In regards to normal stuff, work last night went okay, especially when I hadn't been there in three days. Michelle asked if I could start a half hour early, which I ended up being able to leave at 11:30 for having done, and it was quite busy for the first forty minutes or so after 8, but despite that I did everything on line by myself, even though I'd normally have been slow and uncoordinated. Got supper from McDonalds too, then went out to 7-11 at almost 2 in the morning for candy and chips, which I still have half of left so I won't need to go anywhere tonight, then mostly just played Bowser's Inside Story until 5 when I started getting really tired and decided to go to bed.

That would probably actually do for now though. Take care of that request on furry.ca, then continue the game. Oh, and put these new ears on my top bunk because they're going to stay in the envelope (and thus remain untouched) for now. Then as for what I was saying about possibly getting a much longer tail and second pair of arm warmers, I'm still planning on doing that, but need to see what my next pay is first so I can figure out if they're all going to be in the ~$300 range. I hope not, but the best I can do for now is show up for all my shifts, and that's only the sensible thing to do~

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